Were the Gospels in the Holy Bible Eyewitness Testimonies?

This question isn’t easy to answer, but most Christians believe that the Holy Bible is the written word of God and therefore everything and it must be true, so who needs eyewitnesses. This might not be the case, if contradictions in the Gospels can’t be explained.

What Makes a Biblical Expert?

What makes a biblical expert? Is this someone who knows and understands everything or most of the stuff that is written within the Holy Bible or just someone who reads from it?

Which is the Correct Formula?

I am a student of the Bible and there is an issue found in the Scriptures that is looked at by some as being controversial in regards to water baptism. The fact of the matter is this, most of the Church world excepts Matthew 28:19 as the proper way to be baptized. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:”. Is this Scripture the Great Commission? Read the facts in this article and decide for yourself.

How is Your Stewardship?

We are stewards over what God has placed in our lives. How we handle them shows our relationship to God.

Benefit Number 1 of Two Way Journaling With God – Intimacy With God

If you received an invitation to have a private audience with the President of the United States or some other high dignitary or ruler of some country, would you accept it? Would you be highly honored and yet kind of humbled by the request? Well … think it not strange that YOU have an open and standing invitation to come into the intimate presence of the KING OF KINGS!

Supersize It – The Era of the Mega-Churches!

We live in an economic era where the “Bigger” the item – the “Better”! Fast food restaurant employees routinely ask “Do you want to Super-Size It?” as an enhancement to the already “large” items, such as fries and a soft drink, in a combo. Subsequently, this is a suitable marketing technique in such a competitive industry as the restaurant business, but who would have imagined this concept would be utilized in the church? Of course we use a more inconspicuous term, “Mega”.

The Power of ‘Namaste’

Namaste is an age-old tradition of respecting another person and the divinity contained therein. Explore some aspects of this cultural symbol, deeply rooted in ancient India and loved and practiced by Indians the world over.

70 Weeks of Daniel, An Amazing Prophecy!

The 70 weeks of Daniel foretells the first coming of the Messiah, Christ Jesus, but it also foretold another important fact which many Christians miss today. This article explores this amazing Bible prophecy that God gave to Daniel.

The History of Saint Columba Urc Liverpool, Hunts Cross

Saint Columba URC is located at Hunts Cross, Liverpool and is quite close to Liverpool John Lennon airport. It is a fairly modern church by some standards and its history can be traced back to 1942 when a group of people gathered in a garden shed at a house called ‘Brentwood’ to worhip together. They worshipped as Presbyterians and the foundations of the congregation and indeed church started.

Easy Christianity Lacks the Cross

It was not through some emotion-charged experience that I have come to know Christ but rather through the sufferings that he has allowed me to bear and from which he has delivered me. He has brought me through extreme suffering time and again, and each time I have felt his presence more profoundly.

The Discussion of the Didache

There is a document in the world of Theology called the Didache, which is also referred to as “The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles”. After reading this work, I can definitely say with all confidence that this was not what the apostles taught.

The Power of Faith!

Remember when Peter was walking on water? He was doing fine, until he took his eyes off Jesus and allowed fear to overtake him. When Peter became fearful, he began to sink. This still holds true today. Fear, will cause us to sink. Faith, in God, will enable us to swim. What we must understand is that God does not give us the spirit of fear. He gives us the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

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