Largest SATANIC gathering in HISTORY – Satancon 2022 – How should we respond!?

And The Three Met And Agreed

It is a simple law known as the law of retribution. The law of cause and effect. Even the Rosicrucian’s joined the two at the two religion at this axis, as they coined theirs as the law of karma. What an irony that all of them agreed on these major fundamental principles of how well it will go with a man or woman in life depending on his or her deeds and misdeeds according to dictates of this law; but disagreed on other issues.

Why Did Lot’s Daughters Sleep With Their Father?

Readers of the Old Testament might be amazed when they reach the story of Lot in Genesis 19:30-38 and learn that Lot’s daughters slept with their father. Most accept the simple explanation that they slept with their father because they thought that there were no more men in the land. There is, however, a more satisfying explanation.

Praying To Kill Affliction

Being afflicted with an early life disease can chronicle one’s gradual memory loss. Majority of these diseases involve the failure of nerve cells in the brain, leading to gradual memory loss, confusion, and disorientation. It can be tragic to watch a previously mentally alert person slowly forget how to dress or fail to recognize the faces of loved ones. It is like losing the person before he dies.

Depending On God Is Not Weakness

Children are known to be dependent on their parents or guardians. This is because they are needy little creations who deserve careful attention, totally unable to help or care for themselves, but dependent on those who are older and wiser than they are.

When It Comes to the Challenge of Islam to Christians Our Almighty God Knows Exactly What to Do!

We read alarming reports almost every week on all kinds of topics and although this one could cause alarm in certain circles, it need not. A study emerging from Swansea University indicates that some thousands of people living in Britain are converting to Islam every year, and quite interestingly, with more women becoming Muslims than men. I wonder why? Is it because the Jesus Christ of the Bible has never been fully and adequately preached and taught in Churches? If that is so, then the fault lies at the door of the church! David Pawson’s superb and comprehensive book, “The Challenge of Islam to Christians” gives us an insight and understanding of this serious and dangerous phenomenon, and excellent recorded talks are widely available. Consider how much more serious the situation would have been if the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had not poured out the Holy Spirit throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s in such a generous and abundant way.

Worship Is Daily Adoration

Worship is giving, offering, presenting glory, honour, majesty, power and worth to Him who seats on the throne and this is done in various ways. One would use music, one could serve God, one would minister to God, surrender his or her life towards God, one would kneel, one would dance and one would live his life consecrated for God. There are many ways to express our worship.

Worship and Priesthood – Lessons To Be Drawn Out Part 2

Caution! The words in this article may offend some people, please take no offence it’s what the bible says and we are just interpreters. Looking at the lives of Old Testament who were sold out, lived their whole lives separated and living their live for the call of God.

Atheism – A Dreadful Concept

Indeed Allah Ta’ala has made us for His worship. He is the ultimate supreme power and He has the control over every single creature. Atheism is a concept which negates the concept of God. It is an ideology that supports that this world came in to being by chance and there is no power controlling it.

Abide in Jesus

The Lord Jesus gave us some advice and said that if you are a believer and disciple of Him then you can do nothing without Him (see John chapter 15). Before he said this, however, He advised us to abide in Him, and He in us. That is a profound and mysterious concept, the idea of abiding, and one is not discussed much at Sunday church or throughout church history for that matter. In this article I am going to discuss what I believe it is to abide in Jesus, and why it is important for you as a believer and for the Church overall. In fact, abiding in Jesus is the only thing that really matters.

How to Perform Using 2 Puppets at Once

Using two puppets at once not only increases the amount of puppets you can have onstage, but helps you create a bigger impression on the audience. This article gives tips on how you can use two puppets at once without the audience realizing it.

Very Good Reasons Why Kids Require an Interactive Children Church Lesson Plan

When it comes to becoming a better individual who believes in the word of God, there is nothing more effective than permitting kids to join bible lessons through an interactive children church lesson plan. It is an opportunity for them to develop as wonderful people who can have an impact on society.

7 Things You Should Do When Telling a Bible Story

The Bible lesson is the most important part of your Sunday School or Children’s Church class and all the other activities should revolve around its theme. While there are many ways to share the lesson, storytelling is still one of the most effective; if done properly. When it comes time to tell your Bible story, here are seven things to consider.

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