LEAVING sorcery to follow JESUS

Prayer of Protection From Selfishness

When we pray a prayer for protection from selfishness, we pray for awareness of our motives, and for the courage to surrender willfully our selfishness to God. We pray, additionally, that we might come to repent in orders of love toward those close by us; our loved ones, our friends, our work colleagues, and those we fellowship with in our church settings.

New Millennium Exodus – Leaving Cities for Rural Life and a Humble Home in God’s Country

The New Millennium arrived on January 1st, 2000. We saw the beginnings of an exodus growing as the harbinger of a better world. It is a migration toward a closer relationship with nature, and family values. It speaks to eternal harmony rather than discordant urban chatter and vanity. It’s an adventure tale as a journal written during a process of acclimation for two software industry sales executives that grew from hopes and dreams on New Year’s day 2000 into a passion and a geotourism mission to save, enrich and protect rural life and natural ecosystems around the globe. The journal takes place from 2002 until 2010 and will be published here in edited installments until the final book form is completed. What we learned, and still are discovering, can be shared with other urban and suburban dwellers who sense something is very badly askew in city life today. It helps to consider Yogi Berra’s quote, “It ain’t what you know you don’t know that really hurts ya. It’s what you think you know that you really don’t know that kills ya!”

Logistics and Progress in Poland

One of my favorite countries is Poland. Things are changing there for these dear people – for the better.

Job 42 – When God’s Justice Comes

Not only is God’s justice more generous than we had anticipated, when it comes, but it is also more scathing against the scandalous foe that has set themselves against us. This all presumes we have been faithful, for God will not deliver a pleasant justice for the unfaithful.

100 Years of Prayer Tradition – The Ten Boom Museum

Carrie ten Boom had received numerous recognitions for the contributions of her family to saving hundreds of Jews. Today, you can take a glimpse of their life through the Ten Boom Museum in Haarlem, Holland.

The Ten Boom Life Story

Callie ten Boom said it best, “You can’t love Jesus without loving the Jewish people.” In fact, it was written in the Bible that Jerusalem is the everlasting covenant of God to the people of Israel.

Corrie ten Boom – The Roots of the Jerusalem Prayer Team

“Corrie ten Boom had received numerous awards for her family’s dedication to help save as many people as they could during that time. Many tributes were offered for her and she even received the War Hero honor from Holland’s very own queen.”

Reaching Out

One of the great joys in life is finding a need and meeting it. There are many hurting people who simply need a listening ear or a quiet presence. In some cases, the closest thing the neglected can hope for is the verbalized assurance by a disconnected Christian that he will pray for them. To neglect the hurting who is suffering both physically and emotionally is to commit the sin of omission.

Is Nymphomania Real? It Depends – How About Religion? Is Billy Graham Real?

Women have been branded with the term “nymphomania” for centuries when varied societies, always male dominated, did not approve of their sexuality. Today it is rarely used professionally, though Mosby’s Medical dictionary does describe it as a “psychosexual disorder of women characterized by an insatiable desire for sexual satisfaction.” Sounding a bit prudish, the Mosby folks add that it “often results from an unconscious conflict concerning personal adequacy.” What a bunch of hooey. Don’t believe it – and don’t use the term, either. It is insulting to women. Whether a given woman or man for that matter is “hypersexual” or addicted to sex is very difficult to assess clinically and subjective under any circumstances. Do not use the term to describe a woman any more than you would use the “n” word to label an African-American. Be kind, considerate and non-judgmental, please. Besides, the role of Billy Graham is much more interesting. That’s the focus of this piece.

Why Conditional Immortality Destroys The Gospel

Evangelicalism has become wider and broader. Boundaries that 40 or 50 years ago were clearer have become fuzzy and indistinct. One prominent belief that has become more acceptable to many is Conditional Immortality. I accept my title sounds rather blunt, so I must, as fairly as I can, show you how this belief is destructive of the gospel. More than anything else hinges on our understanding of the gospel of God’s grace and the salvation that it brings. Don’t stay fuzzy about this issue!

God, How Come I’m Not Rich?

Ever since my teenage years I had always believed that I would amount to something, I would do something really important and become a real benefit to all of mankind. Well here I am approaching my sixtieth birthday, I was laid off four years ago and here I am sitting at my computer wondering what went wrong. My wife calls me cursed and a loser and my kids say that the employers who were supposed to call me back are just pranking me.

How to Vote Like a Christian

With election day bearing down on us, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss how Christians should vote. I’m not talking about which party or candidate to vote for, but about the qualities that God requires in those who will govern over us. Yes, the Bible really does set forth criteria for civil leaders and those of us who seek to honor God would do well to observe it.

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