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God’s Controversy With Religions

As the end of the earth as we know it approaches the Spirit has allowed the root of religions to be unearthed. It is what has been foretold in the Old Testament that is now coming to fruition.

Convert To Religious Slavery Or Spend An Eternity In Hell

Locked behind the wall of religious imprisonment the imagination takes on the things that have been preached to it from birth. There is no escape unless there is a way to remove the shackles and restore sight to blind eyes and unplug the deafened ears.

Common Religious Practices Show Single Parent Heritage

Religions born of the same ideologies have changed little over the last 2 millennia. When compared side by side the practices are the same and the ways of their gods have never varied.

Beyond The Ropes

In studying Scripture, we must learn to read it as it was intended to be read by those in the first century. Today, we read it as if it was meant for us as the primary reader.

God’s Retribution Against the False Gods And Their Worshipers

No one is immune from the retribution of God in the last days. Those who have worshiped and run after the false gods are first in line. While devastation is now happening the full force of it is yet to come.

Why The Bible Can’t Be Trusted

Many believe the bible is the word of God whereas it is really the work of men. Only parts of it contain the prophecies and laws laid down by the Spirit for those who can understand them and, therefore, reject religion.

The Misunderstood Book of Job

The spiritual people of God are coming away from traditional religion, but they are still caught in the trap that religious leaders created. To escape they must know the truth and it was promised to be shown to them at the end of the day.

Man’s Word Is Not God’s Word

Evil is as evil does and religions are the most evil of all. From their beginning until now they have imposed ridiculous laws and conditions over their followers while those who threaten them are annihilated.

Know God And Forget The World

Giving up the world’s noise and coming away from its influence is a great move for those who desire to have spiritual power and to know the real God. There is more to it than that as the things of earth fade away healing and peace beyond understanding follows.

God Is The Master of Evil

Life is a time of deciding on one’s preferences in regard to the truth about the Spirit. Is God a man who sits above the clouds and produced a son to die for our so-called sins? Or is it the Spirit of the Universe that controls all things and is the Great Creator? That is what is before us to decide.

Social Conformity in Religion

The religious control forced over nations have brought about wars and adverse conditions from which people are now fleeing. Overpopulation, global warming, disease, famine, and so much more can be attributed to religious beliefs and the fear of hell.

New Testament Is a Roman Catholic Document

The New Testament is what most people consider to be the word of God, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a document written by Jerome, a Roman, for the Catholic Church and the religion of Constantine.

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