Are You A Hidden Warrior?

I once asked the Lord how He could define the last day Church as the Laodicean “lukewarm church”. His reply was startling. He said: “Anytime a church will settle for great and emotional services, excellent preaching and singing, great attendance and more than adequate tithes, while their children are lost and the world is going to hell it is “lukewarm”!

The Truth About The Law

The Lord has told Moses that he will send an angel with him to go to the land of promise, but because of the sins of the people, He would no longer lead them. Yet, the moment Moses appeals to the “grace” of God our blessed heavenly Father immediately reveals His true desire. He says to this beloved intercessor something like this, “Because you have appealed to my grace, I will go with you.

The Question of Why?

The Question of Why considers the purpose of the church as a corporate entity and the purpose that we have as individual believers. There are three basic purposes of the church: to glorify God, to edify believers and to evangelize the lost. Are you fulfilling these three purposes.

Why Jesus Is the Only Way to Heaven?

There are many people who call themselves Christians and think that any religion can help them go to heaven. However, the bible tells us that Jesus is the only way to heaven.

When the Truth Grows Legs

The truth can be either our best friend or worst enemy, and, like a ticking bomb, it arrives with a bang. The best thing we can do is be on truth’s side, for when the truth grows legs and walks right into our lives with admonishing nonchalance we better be ready.

Why Jesus Is the Messiah?

Since the Old Testament times, many prophets had already prophesied about the coming of the Messiah. The Messiah was prophesied to be born of a virgin woman (Isaiah 7:14), from the family line of Abraham (Genesis 12:3), and his kingdom will be eternal (Psalm 45:6-7).

Being A Christian Is Easy?

Is being a Christian Hard? If so why?

The Value of Sharing Your Church Facebook Posts

You can be of great help to your Church when you share their Facebook updates with your friends. This article encourages church members and attendees to “share” and “like” the updates, as well as give some very good reasons why it will help their church.

Sikhs-Small Community Big Impact

I returned from the “Hola Mohalla” religious event being held in Anandpur Saheb, in the Punjab State of India, last night. I spent two days religious festival of the great Sikh community. The Sikhs comprises of a very small percentage of the global population, but have made a huge impact. The brave community does not lack in anything. Be it courage, generosity or hospitality. A vast sea of humanity had gathered in the holy city. The free community kitchens, chanting of spiritual Gurbani, the holy war saga narrations by the Dhadhi’s, war techniques in the form of Gatka, the attractive horses and the old weapons used in various wars fought by the Sikhs and the Gurus were were the highlights of the event. The Sikhs have settled in all parts of the world. The global society acknowledges their contributions and the huge impact they have made.

Adam and Eve – The Greatest Fairy Tale of All

Adam and Eve have never gone away. For all the contrary evidence and virtually universal ridicule launched at creationism, the pair of Paradise lovers loom large in our cultural consciousness. The author explores why this is so.

Memory of Reincarnation Denies the Existence of Heaven and Hell

With memory of my last death and of coming back into life with a new body compelled the research to discover the origin of heaven and hell and all they imply. Visions urged me further to unravel how Constantine established the Catholic Church and invented Jesus Christ.

Ruth in the Bible – So You Think You Know Her?

So, you think you know Ruth in the bible? Think again! See what we’ve uncovered.

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