Life in ETERNITY – What happens when you die?

Be Angry But Don’t Sin

It’s OK for us to experience anger, but we must not allow anger to drive our actions. In this article, the writer discusses some of the dangers of uncontrolled anger, and he gives a biblical perspective on how to respond to this powerful emotion.

How to Understand Atheists: A Guide for Christians

What is atheism? Are there really people out there who don’t believe in any gods at all? What do they want, and what do they think of Christians?

Still One Nation Under God

We are still one nation under God. The Bible says so. Our pledge of allegiance says so. Our songs about our great country say so. None of these things have changed.

Internal Struggles of a Christian

As a Christian, so often we hear from our leaders about the wonders of Christ and all we have to do is believe in Him, then all our troubles will magically disappear. In reality, we know this is not exactly how it is. The Lord is inviting us to partake in all the goodness He has to offer and once we make a commitment to Him, we are released from the chains of sin, we are given power over sin and our eyes are opened to the ways of the Lord. Now having said this, doing the right thing is not automatic and does not happen just because you now believe in Christ. Christ expects you to use this power, wisdom and strength to learn to live according to His principles.

Those Tall Tales of Biblical Disasters

Despite what you might hear in church, or view on Christian websites, the Bible isn’t all about those ten Godly commandments, loving your neighbour, doing onto others, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, truth, justice and everlasting life. Star Wars aside, there’s a dark side to the Force. Even apart from hell, fire and brimstone and lots of sins and sinning, there’s much death and destruction all around. The Bible is full of tales of disasters that rival anything Mother Nature has conjured up.

The Infectiousness of God’s Compassion

In our individualistic worlds we may often miss the opportunities to empathise with those who are hurting maybe, perhaps, because we are hurting too. The more we are hurting the less we can see others’ hurts. The difference between the compassionate and the dispassionate, so far as hurts are concerned, is marked. The compassionate have been able to receive God’s compassion in their day. And God desires to bless all with his compassion, always.

The Name of God!

This article analyzes the traditional Judeo-Christian Name of God, “Yahweh,” in light of some new understandings. We are finally able to actually trace the name to its origins.

The Effects of Theocracy On the Muslim Society and the Ways to Minimize Those Effects

Division of society in terms of religion is sadistic. The purpose of Islam was not to divide the society in different communities, but to unite the scattered tribes and nations under the shade of one defined motivation. A Muslim can be defined as a person who has his total belief in the oneness of God, authenticity of His last prophet (PBUH), the Holly Qur’an, and the angels.

The Four Stages of Life in Hinduism

The four stages of life in Hinduism are quite interesting. Properly understanding these Hindu stages of life can aid us in understanding karma and reincarnation as well. According to Hindu belief, the four stages of life consist of…

Some Differences Between Catholics and Protestants

The differences between Catholics and Protestants can be profound at times. None would argue that Christianity is a major monotheistic world religion. Yet, the divisions within the ranks of Christendom are well documented. However, all of its adherents believe in its central figure, Jesus, the Christ, who lived a sinless life and died on a cross to redeem mankind. He was resurrected on the third day and ascended to God in heaven and will…

Isaiah 2 – The Mountain of God

Prior to seeing things as they actually are in his beloved Jerusalem, Isaiah prophesies a vision of the future house of God. All peoples will come to this mountain of God; to the light of the LORD’S teaching and to walk in his path alone. Then Isaiah proclaims the judgments that will proceed from the hand of God in the meantime.

How to Be a Believing Muslim and Remain Faithful in the Times of Trials and Tribulations

Our life is marred with difficulties, misfortunes, and challenges to the extent that, sometimes, we question the Causer (Allah) of these difficulties, or attribute the causes of our misfortunes to some created being. This is wrong in Islam. A Muslim must believe that Allah is behind everything and whatever happens to him is from Allah.

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