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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

In first-century Galilee, Jesus healed the sick. He recognized God as healer in the Jewish Scriptures, and restored a leper and a dead child. His healings are documented in the Gospels, where a blind man runs to him and shouts praise. In Matthew 17:14-18, a crippled boy is healed of a demon and is able to walk.

By the fifth century, the Christian faith was becoming widespread. Missionaries spread throughout the world and revivals swept the globe. Many Christians reported “new birth” experiences, including forgiveness of sin and the “second blessing” of sanctification – receiving the Holy Spirit. These gifts brought freedom from sin and from the power of the devil. Some believed these gifts also provided protection from illness.

Several charismatic Christian activists and scholars began to promote these beliefs. Some even started a church devoted to this doctrine. However, the Christian church was initially opposed to this approach. The movement’s leaders were initially opposed to the idea of mission, which required missionary work. In response, Southern Christianity shifted its emphasis to the spiritual strength of the subaltern southerners, who possessed advanced knowledge of the demonic.

These charismatic Christians believe that the Christian faith should be used as a tool to overcome the evil forces that have dominated the world. These individuals have a heightened awareness of their role in the end-time battle between Christianity and the devil.

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