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Miracle Healing in Africa

In Africa, Christians have long been surrounded by stories of miracles. Many people claim that they have personally experienced a miracle. The stories of healing and deliverance from attacks and danger are common, and they are a huge part of the African Christian experience. Author Craig Keener has documented these stories in two volumes. These accounts are a testament to the power of the Christian faith in Africa. And as we explore their power and influence, we will see why they are so important for African Christians.

Charismatic Christians have been focused on evangelism, conversion, and persevering in faith as they have been saved. They understand that they are engaged in a titanic end-times battle with the demonic. Satan is real, and there are satanic powers that have taken over entire nations. The evangelization of the world is threatened. This battle is ongoing. For these Christians, it is essential to win the battle against demonic forces.

Evangelical Christians have long been engaged in spiritual warfare and evangelistic campaigns. Today, charismatic Christianity has half a billion followers and is growing exponentially. Global charismatic Christianity has brought Christian subjectivity back into the public domain, reinvigorating its militant subject. Prayer is central to this redemptive praxis. However, this practice of evangelism cannot be carried out without prayer. And prayer is a powerful weapon of spiritual warfare.

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