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The Miracles of Charismatic Christianity


The Miracles of Charismatic Christianity

The charismatic branch of Christianity is focused on evangelism, conversion, and persisting in the faith of those who are already saved. These Christians know that they are locked in a titanic end-times battle with the demonic. It is a myth that the satanic powers of the world have nothing to do with Christ, but do control entire nations and seek to undermine the evangelization of the world.

But the apostles never performed miraculous acts such as feeding the 5,000 or walking on water. They were only given the power to cast out demons and heal the sick, as well as raise the dead. These miracles served to establish them as messengers of God. People had to figure out who was real, and who was faking it. Miracles were only one aspect of Christianity, but they helped shape Christians’ lives and outreach to the unbelieving.

Jesus invited many people to follow him, and appointed twelve apostles. These men were named James the son of Zebedee, John the brother of James, Andrew son of Philip, and Simon Canaan. Jesus also betrayed one of these men, Judas. But Judas was not the only one betraying Christ and his apostles. So Jesus made sure they were not fooled. After all, the apostles were the ones who had received the power of the Holy Spirit.

A charismatic faith is a complex and diverse discursive community. It thrives on difference, tension, and conflict. In fact, charismatic Christianity has become an increasingly dominant form of Christianity in the West, attracting half a billion followers. These followers have renewed the militant subject of Christianity. But a fundamental part of Christian life is prayer. The Christian prayer is the weapon of spiritual warfare. And prayer is the central praxis of redemptive praxis.

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