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Accessing the Mind of Christ – A Matter of the Heart

Is is possible to operate in the world with the mind of Christ? Could it be that we could really walk around and deal with life and people with the mind of Christ? I know it is possible and to think with the mind of Christ we first have to have our hearts changed from within. More here…

Words – A Spiritual Reality

Words, spoken or written, are spirits or spiritual and the things they contain are real, either positively or negatively. Every word has inherent power that actualizes it – positive power and negative power. And the fruits or effects are either negative or positive, depending on the seed sown (what is – spoken or written).

Mr Sam Harris, Philosopher

There was an article today (3-27-2010) on CNN, the internet by John D. Sutter, about Sam Harris, Philosopher, the name of the article was: “Philosopher: Why we should ditch Religion” and he says for the most part, religion gets in the way, not philosophy, but religion. I’ve studied philosophy, theology, psychology, and was in a war, and I think perhaps I can help Mr. Harris out if indeed he is not above that.

Dalai Lama To Visit Missoula, Montana – Garden of 1000 Buddahs

Who knew that a Buddhist community would be in Montana? But then why wouldn’t an international dignitary want to come to visit the mountains, streams and especially the people of Western Montana? For those of us who live here, this is as close to Heaven as we may ever get. Montana has often been called “The Last Best Place” because of it’s natural wonder and the people who are drawn here to share their lives and talents.

Was the Resurrected Jesus For Real?

What was the nature of Jesus’ resurrection appearances? Most attempts to explain these appearances in purely naturalistic terms have long been discredited by critical scholars. Nonetheless, we will consider the currently most popular naturalistic theory: the objective vision theory.

Scientology, Media, Controversy – What is it All About?

What is it about Scientology that makes it so controversial? What role does the media play in this controversy? This article explains the controversy is simple historical examples.

Performance of Hajj and Umrah

In the real life of Islam, Muslims pray to Allah by His described messages. These messages are brought to people on this world by His Prophets. In different times he has sent different prophets with specific messages and each prophet preached Allah’s message as per His orders.

How Can Christian Meditation and Positive Biblical Affirmations Adjust My Attitude?

Could you use a positive adjustment to that negative attitude? How about a little spirit lift for a brighter outlook on life? Discover the power available in Christian meditation and biblical affirmations to improve your attitude and your life!

When This Amazing Astonishing and Astounding Leader Offers So Much Why Do Thousands Avoid Him?

What is it that keeps so many people away from Jesus Christ? When Jesus Christ loves men and women with the love of God, and heals people, and ministers to all kinds of needs, forgiving sins and removing many of the consequences of sin, why are men and women not queuing up and demanding His attention?

Luxurious Poverty

When everything is a luxury, nothing is taken for granted. I am honored to know precious believers who give God credit for everything. Daily miracles of provision are a reminder of God’s everlasting love to them.

God – A Spiritual Reality

One of the spiritual realities, in fact, the major spiritual reality, the Bible or Scriptures variously speak(s) about is the existence of an Almighty, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, All-loving, All-caring, ever-merciful, faithful and generous God, who initiated and created all things we see or see not. This God exists in and as spirit, and thus, cannot be physically seen, heard, smelt or perceived by the natural or physical.

The Spiritual Realities of Life

A few years ago, I was admitted in the hospital and God used that hospital experience to teach me an unforgettable lesson. It was a difficult period though, yet my eyes were opened to certain realities that have come to reshape my entire life.

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