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Religion Without Repentance

Whichever country you visit large numbers of people are religious. Certainly this is diminishing in the west, but there are still many parts of the world where the majority of people were born into a dominant religion and absorbed its tenets from their earliest years. So are all these various religions just different insights into the marvel and mystery we see in ourselves and the world around us, and just what is the thought behind ‘repentance’ – an old-fashioned excess?

Asking Who Created God Is As Dumb As Believing In Heaven And Hell

No one knows the origin of things beyond what science has so far delivered. So to toy with the question of God’s beginning is as dumb as believing in mythical places like heaven and hell.

The Destruction Of Heaven And Hell In The Last Days

Man’s imagination has built up religious principles and the host of heaven is based on them. It is promised that in the last days they will all be destroyed. When that happens the organisations that depend on them will also be removed.

Without Heaven And Hell Religions Cannot Survive

Heaven and hell are tools of deception to get people into churches and build up congregations. Without them no religion will survive and the promise is for their removal at the end of the day.

The Religious Abominations Of The World

She arose out of Babylon and has become the dominant figure over the world’s politics, religions, laws, and societies. She is the chief god worshiped and adored and she is a curse to all who believe in her.

Mary Is The Mother Of Harlots And Babylon The Great

The tricks and lies of the Catholic Church fathers are now coming back to haunt them. The facts are that they are born of Islam and have nothing to do with God. The idols, icons and man-made prayers are a key to their origins,

Papacy Using Pastors to Push Protestant Reunification

We are seeing the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Early Americans saw the first beast in Revelation 13 as the papacy that they fled for freedom in the New World. Then the second beast (US) makes an image or look-alike to the Old World Order. New World Order under the UN is a focus now.

Why God Can’t Be Seen Or Heard By The Majority

God is spirit and it has no image or place of worship. It speaks to its own through the voice within and it leads and guides all life forms. Only religious followers are tricked into believing that fake gods and idols have power.

Marriage Is A Human Invention Gone Wrong – It Has Nothing To Do With God

People rush to get married but few take the time to examine the trap they are getting into. If God was behind it there would never be a divorce as only compatible couples would be united, As it is the churches marry almost anyone who belongs to it..

The Religious Monster Behind Mass Migration and Illegal Migrants

There is now much money to be made by smugglers and others to stop the tide of people flooding over the world. Commerce and industry depend on a growing population and development of all forms happens when the number push it. It’s all a part of the world of 666 and his religions that dominate governments and people.

Jesus Christ Is The Third Beast Of Revelation

The world has been grossly misled by religious lies and mythology. it appears that the more fanciful something is the more appealing it becomes. That is certainly the way that the claims in the New Testament have worked.

The Monster Behind The New Testament

The New Testament is based on lies and mythology and the Vedic trinity of India. The third person of that entity is Krishna, the origin of the term Christian.

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