The Church is a Sign of God’s Kingdom


The Church is a Sign of God’s Kingdom

Christians are called to serve God, but what does that mean? They are called to serve others by following the teachings of Jesus. In every church, there were elders who were devoted to the Lord, who was their savior and creator. These men were called to preach the gospel to those who did not know about God and to teach others about him. The elders also played an important role in the lives of Christians, by giving spiritual leadership to the church.

According to Christianity, the Church is an outpost of God’s Kingdom in another realm. The Church exists as a sign of that Kingdom, as the first fruits of God’s reign throughout the entire world. Ultimately, Jesus meant for both families to work together through the Church. Regardless of what a person’s background is, there is a Church for them. Its purpose is to proclaim the Word of God and teach others about its power to transform our world.

While many baptized Christians today do not practice their faith, the vast majority of Christians have been exposed to enough Christianity to form a negative opinion of it. The presence of anti-Christian propaganda in the media and within intellectual circles makes it harder to reach such people. This is why it is important to reach out to people who have been formed by this sort of environment. These people need the Gospel more than anyone else. If they have never heard of Jesus, evangelism is vital.

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