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Opponents of the Covenanters Are in the Deep Pit of Covenant-Breaking

Those who oppose Covenanter teaching walk together hand in hand within the deep pit of covenant breaking. From this pit they look up at those who plead with them to climb out, and call us “the separatists.”

Christian Myth – God is Mad at You

These angry people assign to God their inability to control people and their anger when people do ‘wrong’ or don’t ‘act right’. Let me just say to you that God is not like these people. God is not some kind of egotistical, religious control freak that’s offended at you every time you sin! Jesus is your greatest defender, Satan is your accuser!

Why Do People Persecute Committed Christians and Why is This Happening in Nairobi Kenya?

Over these past few years it has been tremendous privilege to have visited Uganda and Kenya to speak and preach and teach at Pastors and Leaders Conferences and Seminars. When you are with these men and women over a period and when you are in regular contact with them through email you comes to know them and their needs in quite a detailed manner and their needs are many.

Elephant and Temple Worship

In India there are a large number of elephants. This large mammal thrives in the southern and eastern parts of the jungles of India. The Indian elephant is slightly dwarfed by the African elephant which also has larger tusks.

6 Things God Cannot Do

God is very reliable and trust worthy: When he says a thing or makes a promise, he brings it to pass. This has made his children to keep trusting him and depending on him always. However, there are things that he is incapable of doing just because they are not in his nature to do so.

Jesus is God

The Deity of Jesus is an essential doctrine of a Christian and one that distinguishes a Biblical Christian from a member of a cult or other heretical organisation claiming to be Christian. Let us look therefore at what the Bible says about Jesus. Was He just a man, a great teacher, a great Prophet; or was He much, much more than that?

Holy Spirit – Why We All Need Him

The Holy Spirit is needed by everyone who wants to succeed in his/her Christian life; he plays an important roll in our growth as believers. He is a part of the trinity (Three-in-one God); and was promised to all Christians by our lord Jesus Christ.

My Testimony of Using a Free Christian Dream Interpretation Site and Paid One

What do you choose, free or paid Christian dream Interpretation? I had people that could do a free dream interpretation and yet I still paid for one as well as getting my free one.

The Jesus Christ Message – Listen to God in Human Form

This is amazing but has anybody really ever tried to understand the message from the Son of God, Jesus? Some may find that the Jesus Christ message is completely conceived by the word from God in human form.

Book on Christianity – Chew Them Well Before You Digest Them

This cue is from the famous essayist Bacon, he was smart to say that that some books are to be tasted and the others to be chewed and digested. The religious books of the merit are the ones which are to be chewed and digested for they must be read for the message they carry and for better understanding of religion.

I Serve the God of Prosperity

I have been a born-again Christian for 13 years now and my walk with God has made me discover and understand him the more. I now see him differently from the way I used to see him when I was an unbeliever; I have come to realize that he is a God of prosperity.

Paul Says, What Profit is Speaking in Tongues – Other Things Are Better – 1 Corinthians 14:6

Paul was the King of teaching and man of mighty signs and wonders. Penning one third of the New Testament he had the right to speak on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and in 1 Corinthians 14 he speaks especially about tongues, prophecy and proper church policy.

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