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Where and What Is Heaven?

Ever wondered what the Biblical concept of heaven really is? Is it a place? Can you go to it? Jesus said the Kingdom of God was within us. But what does that mean?

Exposing The Spirit of Jezebel: 10 Characteristics of The Jezebel Spirit

The Jezebel spirit hates the prophet and the prophetic voice. She will do anything to discredit and kill the prophet with her murderous spirit.

Is Hell a Real Place With Eternal Fire and Torment? Will Friends Have Parties and Fun in Hell?

If Hell is a real place, what will it be like? Will friends get together and have wild parties in hell, or will it be a place where we are each alone, suffering, forever.

The Role Of The Parents of Saint Dominic Savio In His Life

Dominic Savio – If I don’t become a Saint, I have accomplished nothing! Now, when we are living in a time when children are killing children, when children cannot pray in school, when children’s favorite toys and video games are of violence and horror, witchcraft and satanism, it is time for them to learn about a teen-ager who strove for and achieved Sainthood; it is time for Saint Dominic Savio.

The Purpose of Our Life

life is by the power of God and not by some evolutionary accident. if you believe we exist by mere chance, or derived from chemical evolution, life has little meaning and there is no salvation or eternal life for anyone. the secret is out.

The Need To Attend Church Services

The land will be subdued before you when you gather together with other children of God to praise and to worship the Almighty God. Remember that one of the five fold blessings of God upon man is that he should have power to subdue the earth. Gathering together with other children of God makes tremendous power available to subdue your problem and get the best out of any situation you may ever find yourself.

Do We Need to Be Baptized to Go to Heaven?

Do we really need to be baptized in order to get into Heaven? There is a powerful reason and a wonderful purpose behind observing baptism, that many people do not realize.

Trust God To Help You In All Things

Do you trust God on a daily basis or do you think the worst when a problem arises? Do you worry or experience fear when you hear bad news? Do you get stressed out or suffer from distress? These things may seem to be a normal part of life, but they don’t have to be.

How To Wage Warfare Against The Jezebel Spirit

The Jezebel spirit considers herself a queen and she sits very high and lofty in the spirit realm. She is full of pride and she has to be brought down with the power of God in the Name of Jesus.

Who Is a True Friend?

No one in his right mind wants to be friendless. But what is a true friend? You will find the answer in this article.

Do Christians Continue to Sin, or Do They Lose the Sinful Nature When They Become Saved?

Many people think that to be a true born again Christian, one will not sin. Is this true? Do Christians sin?

What Might God’s Judgment For A Sinful Nation Look Like?

The very nature of a just and holy God demands that he address sin in our culture. He hates sin and loves purity. What will it look like if God pours out the bitter wine of his justice from his cup of wrath?

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