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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Christianity


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Christianity

If you’re unsure what Christianity is all about, you’re not alone. Several people have been exposed to Christianity enough to have developed an anti-Christian stance. Anti-Christian propaganda permeates the media and even some intellectual circles. These people have become more resistant to Christianity than those who have never heard of Jesus. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind about Christianity. Listed below are the benefits and drawbacks of Christianity.

The Bible says that the human person consists of both soul and body. Christ came to save souls, not just bodies. The goal of his mission was to save souls and bring them to heaven. This is why the gospels contain many accounts of physical healings and exorcisms. But there is also a spiritual side to Christianity. Charisms are the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to help others. Those who are passionate about God will more likely be God’s instrument and receive these gifts.

The Bible also includes references to violent prayer. “Machine-gun prayer” is one example. This type of prayer can cause a person to shake violently, vomit, writhe on the floor, and even lose consciousness. If you are a Christian who struggles to accept this type of spirituality, be sure that it is not for you. You are not alone, and it is possible to find other Christians who share your beliefs.

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