Many Set Free from Demons on Prague


Beliefs and Traditions of Christianity

christianity is the religion of 2.2 billion people worldwide. There are many practices that are part of christianity, some are simple and others quite complex. Some have become world-wide traditions like praying and attending church on Sundays while others are more private like a prayer meeting with a group of believers or anointing the sick with oil.

One of the most basic beliefs is that Christians have a book called the bible, which contains God’s word and reveals to believers who God is and how they should live. Some people believe the bible is to be taken literally, while others believe it’s more symbolic. A key belief is that humans have a tendency to disobey God, which is called sin. This can result in minor (venial) or major (mortal) repercussions. Sin can be caused by a multitude of things, such as breaking a rule in the bible or a personal moral code.

Christians believe that Jesus came into this world in order to bring a new gospel, a revelation of the nature of God and how He wants to be involved with mankind. Jesus’ teaching, miracles and life all express this revelation of the true God.

The apostles were given the authority by Christ to preach His gospel and to heal the sick. He even commissioned them to cast out demons. Those who are interested in deliverance should know that this is a ministry that requires a close and vibrant relationship with Jesus, just as the seven sons of Sceva did. They were able to command the demons to leave in the name of Jesus because they knew their identity and authority in Him.

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