Marcus Rogers

Jonah – And Jesus’ Crucifixion

Jonah, you may recall, was the prophet of long ago who went on a perilous sea journey to escape God’s call to announce his mercy to the wicked city of Nineveh, ancient capital of world power, Assyria. And it was perilous because the Lord sent a great stormy sea, into which the reluctant mariners threw poor Jonah. Now, this old story is of special interest as Jesus taught it was a sign pointing to him. What sort of sign was this, and what was its meaning? We must look closer at this, especially as it has raised controversy.

The Truth Behind 33 Million Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Want to solve the mystery behind 33 million Hindu Deities or Hindu Gods and goddess? Want to be aware of the ultimate goal of the life of human being?

The Truth of Genesis: Judgment at the End of the Second Day

If I were to stand trial, I would want someone I befriended (or relative on good terms) to be my judge. If I stand before someone that did not know me, that may not have much mercy or leniency, especially if they just condemned a series of evil doers, it may not be my “lucky day”. I would not want to be put in that situation, so that is reason enough to want to be a judge, rather than to be judged.

Is There A Heaven, A Real Life-After-Death?

Religion is important to me. Even though there are times when I question the existence of an omnipotent God, I still believe. My prayer is that I might someday be a ‘true believer’ without questions and doubt.

Which Church Are You?

A summary of the seven letters recorded in the Book of Revelation addressed by Jesus Christ to seven churches during the time of Apostle John that are intended for the church as a whole. In other words, the Lord’s message is as relevant for our churches and for Christians today as it was to those in the first century. May we hear and heed what Christ Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, says to us personally concerning these matters.

Timid or Bold

Why is the Church bold to condemn secular lifestyles and timid to display Christian lifestyles? Christians must step up to the “pitcher’s mound and deliver the Truth.

Important Christians That Have Gone Before Us

Important Christians grouped together fulfill not only our spiritual needs, but also our emotional and intellectual needs. And Creationsists teach us that God is also the Lord of science.

The Ten Commandments: Time for an Upgrade to Ten REAL Wellness-Inspired Common Decency Commitments

One of the “culture war” battlegrounds in modern American society is the placement of religious objects on public property, such as seen in Oklahoma where a Ten Commandments monument led to a legal challenge. The Oklahoma Supreme Court eventually ruled this placement a violation of that state’s own Constitution, yet, the governor and state legislature are defying the court ruling. This essay examines the ten commandments and offers an alternative set of moral guides that should be agreeable to all.

Exposing The Work Of 666 And His Cohorts

The corruption in the world is largely due to religious beliefs and the forgiveness of sins designed to entrap people into the religion established by 666. He has been master over the world through spiritual entrapment and cover-up but his time has now come.

The Secret Path That Can’t Be Seen And Few Know About

To have knowledge of the secret path one has to remember reincarnation. Death is nothing but a passage from one life to the next, as in my experience.

The Conspiracy To Murder God

Things of the Spirit are the most important in the lives of those who belong to it. The murderers want to show they are greater and more powerful than God but they are in for a shock.

How The Simple Transition Of Sounds Into Words Built Religious Tenets And Dogma

My reincarnation alerted me to the false claims of religious leaders and the huge cover-up that keeps them in place. Without heaven and hell to promote along with their other wares their establishments will fall.

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