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Jesus – The Snake Crusher

Jesus- The Snake Crusher is from a story book for kids that parents can use to teach their children about God. It aims at simplifying Jesus’ purpose of dying on the cross so that kids can can easily understand the bible. The article explains how through God’s faithfulness and grace, Jesus crushed the snake and completely restored mankind back to the Garden (the first love).

Entering The Second Gate To Autism

I will march out ahead of you. I will make the mountains level. I will break down bronze gates. I will cut through their heavy iron bars. Your key to access this gate will be FIRE.

The Slime, Filth, And Human Excreta Is The Sewer Of Religious Deceit

The human excreta behind religious beliefs is the rubbish that comes from man’s mind to overpower the real God for the fake ones. Through the teaching given to me this is now being overturned and the truth is revealed to restore the Spirit of the Universe are the one and only God.

They Have Made a Covenant With Death And Are In Agreement With Hell

Those who agree with the heaven and hell myths of religious persuasion have a shock in store. Neither place exists and people believe them because like sheep they follow the leaders. Now God’s judgement is upon all and the results will be devastating.

The End Of The Cult Of Mary And World War III

Those who trust in Mary as their main God and have faith in her powers are in for a shock. The Spirit has laid out the fate of those who worship the great whore and when it falls so will they.

Why World Peace Is Not In The Hands Of Religious Leaders

We ask for peace and are delivered to war, we beg for mercy and are killed, we long for our children and they are lost to us – so saith most of the population. This is what these times are delivering and religions are behind the devastation.

Religions Are The Cause Of World War III

The world is at war with itself right now through religious beliefs and dogma that promotes the false gods and lies. The destruction has started and millions are fleeing and the majority are blind to what is before their eyes.

Jude: Blackness of Darkness Forever

Jude, the half brother of Jesus, gives the church five pictures of a false teacher, so that we can have a way even in our day to recognize and be rid of them. Any of these in your church?

Removing The Cross To Avoid Offending Muslims

English nationalist organisations have reported on Facebook that a bishop in Sweden has ordered Christians to remove their crosses to avoid offending Muslim migrants. People who want to learn more are directed to a video in which an American presenter denounces the bishop’s action, even saying that she is failing to protect her religion and turning her church into a mosque because she wants to indicate the direction towards Mecca that Muslims use for prayer. A more sympathetic interpretation might be that the bishop is showing truly Christian qualities in seeking to cultivate a close and loving relationship between two religious communities that both recognise Jesus as a prophet, and that this is truer to his cause than the symbol of the cross.

Series Preaching

Over the past few years there has been a resurgence of “series” preaching in which Christian books have been substituted for the Bible. Why have so many pastors chosen this course of ministry?

Churches And Temples Built To Worship The Sun

Religions are all born of sun worship and the different gods are mere guises of it. The way human brains work is to copy from others so no one has any unique thoughts or actions unless the Spirit intervenes. That is what it is doing now but its children are reluctant to let go of the old ways.

Religious Leaders And Fundamentalists That Quote From Other Authors And Not From Prophecy

The bible is a book of controversy and confusion for anyone who has not the Spirit working within to point the way. It has been added to, subtracted from, and originally compiled by sun worshipers in accordance with their dreams and fancies. Now it can be seen for what it is.

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