Religious Followers Are Caught In A Trap Set By God

The organisation that was established by Constantine in 325 AD based on the myth of Krishna and the Vedic Trinity of India has had its day. When the Roman Emperor invented Jesus Christ he set up a platform for the false gods and used heaven and hell as weapons to force people to worship them. What the religion was founded upon was knowledge of the day and the superstitions that pervaded the empire.

Holy Communion Is Cannibalism In Disguise

Prior to the modern versions of ancient spirituality people would consume parts of the body of the god-man in expectation that they imbibed his spirit into them. Soon after occupation of the American Plains by westerners a ceremony was witnessed and recorded. It involved the crucifixion of one of their own by a tribe of Indians.

Religions Are An Abomination To God And The Source Of Terrorism

There is no truth in any religion as they are based on man’s laws and false gods. The real God, the Great Spirit of the Universe, is punishing those who follow them because they are blasphemers and a danger to creation.

Who Can Prove That Mary Is The Mother Of God?

Without evidence that Mary is really the mother of God the prayers and hopes of Catholics everywhere are in vain. The Great Spirit of the Universe is the only God and it never had a mother.

Who Can Prove The Existence Of Heaven And Hell With Physical Evidence?

Space exploration, science, and common sense, have all been used to disprove the existence of heaven and hell yet people are still caught in the trap they form. If one follows the religion then heaven awaits as a reward. If not then hell is the alternative.

The Terror Of Religious Myths

Terrorists are incensed by thought of an eternal existence in the sky but the rockets now floating around in space have never sighted their paradise. The deafened ears and blind eyes of their world stop them from seeing or understanding how they are duped.

God Showed Me The Mountain Otherwise The Teaching For The Last Days

The mountain of God is the truth that was hidden from the world by religious fathers and their cohorts. Now they are being undone as realisation that what they are teaching is unsustainable and without credibility.

The Real God Showed Me The Identity Of 666

There is a battle going on between religion that claim they alone know the real God. The facts are that none of them represent the Spirit of the Universe but are of the same ilk born out of Islam and Babylon.

Religions Based On Heaven And Hell Are Spinning Lies

Heaven and hell grants religions the power to engage in terrorism and to bury the truth under layers of lies and filth. Only with their removal can people see through the fog and understand how much they have been tricked.

Jesus Christ Is Blasphemy

People are vulnerable to any good story as long as it has mystery, rewards, and a show of good over bad. That is what the New Testament thrives on but it is nothing but a heap of lies and blasphemous claims.

People Believe Only What Their Religions Allow

Ignorance and dependency on teachers is what religions thrive on. They induce overpopulation and poverty to boost their numbers and they have no credibility when it comes to facts.

Traditions – A Lovely Aspect of Life

Tradition is truly an empowering concept. Traditions teach us many lessons including family values, structure, love and history. Our traditions basically become our code of honor. Be proud and know the value your traditions bring to the current and future generations.

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