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Science Versus Religion – Where Does Power Come From?

The last line of the Lord’s Prayer reads “For thine is… the power.” Christians believe that God is the source of all power, as a matter of faith. Science, surprisingly, does not disagree. No honest scientist will tell you that he or she understands the ultimate source of power in the universe.

Is Everyone Prodigal in Nature?

We are all prodigal in one way or the other. There is no human being, who is not seeking for freedom: Freedom and right to exact selfishness and effect self-will, even at the detriment of others. This is a key lesson in the parable of the prodigal son.

Why We Must Not Neglect the Power of the Holy Spirit

“You are completely empty; you need the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to overcome your present predicament”, the Pastor said, as Jonathan remained mute and stared into space. He looked puzzled and continued to stare from one face to the other.

St Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland

By the early fifth century the Roman Empire was on the point of collapse, the Dark Ages were about to descend upon Western Europe, and extant records about the lives of saints, or anything else, are thin on the ground. Nevertheless, one character of whom we know a little, and dating from this period, is Patrick, patron saint of Ireland.

America’s Miracle Worker

Copyright (c) 2010 Bob and Penny Lord’s Site We read and hear about Special Saints that are dubbed Miracle Workers like Brother Andre of Montreal or Saint Padre Pio of Italy and they are always from another country but now we have our own. We returned to Louisiana last week, where we experienced Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, America’s Miracle Worker. I use the term “Experience” because we have never had the gift of seeing the power of the following this Blessed has been given by Our Lord Jesus.

What You Need For a Jewish Wedding – Wedding Kipas and More

Marriage is a wonderful ceremony commemorating the union of two individuals. There are many ways you can celebrate, from the lavish to the austere, but there are a few things no Jewish wedding should be without.

What Does the Bible Say About Blood Transfusions?

The Bible tells us the life is in the blood. There was no instance of blood transfusions in the Bible. As far as actually taking blood out of one person and placing it in another, this is a recent thing. It is so common you would think this has always taken place. Also, whole blood is not transfused. There are only parts of the blood that are transfused. However, blood transfusions are very much approved by the God of the Bible.

See the Real Jesus

I witnessed a sermon recently where a preacher made it very clear that how he saw Jesus was 180 degrees different from how I see him now, having studied “A Course In Miracles”. The pinnacle of the sermon was when the pastor waved a sword while also reading from the Bible in the book of Matthew 10:34 where Jesus was quoted as saying “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

The Choice is Mine – Why Should I Choose God?

We should choose God because to choose God is to choose eternal life. Choosing God makes available all the provision he created for us. God chose you first and foremost in all he has created. Reconciliation not only secures your eternity, but it provides you with access to all God’s word says you should have right here on earth.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation – What Does it Mean?

The line “lead us not into temptation” has vexed theologians for 2000 years. Why would God lead us into temptation?

Praising God With Your Hands – A Fun Bible School Activity For Your Preschoolers For Psalm 63:4

Do your preschoolers appreciate how they can use their hands to praise God? Then try playing this fun Bible school lesson to help your kids memorize Psalm 63:4 and learn that all 10 of their fingers can give God glory…

Exploring Jewish Gifts and Traditions

Shabbat is considered by many Jewish scholars to be the most important holiday of all, at it is the only holiday specifically mentioned in the Ten Commandments. The first time it is mentioned occurs in Exodus 16, immediately following the Lord delivering the people of Israel out of Egypt. The Lord says to the people of Israel, through Moses, that “tomorrow will be a day of complete rest, a holy Sabbath day set apart for the LORD.

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