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Prayer and Holy Water – The Reason and the Force Behind Them

Will prayer and holy water work for you? I have asked myself the same question so many times in the past, that I got tired of asking. I simply went for it, and I ‘let the chips fall where they may.’ When you have some belief, or absolutely no belief in prayer and holy water, that’s okay! I had to develop my belief in both by the process of ‘walking on faith and not by sight’–to paraphrase the words of the apostle St. Paul. Others may be coming to terms with their religion of birth; or are currently in the process of finding themselves through meditation and spirituality. Read this article, and perhaps you will find explanations that may help you in your quest.

God is the Universe

One question that arises, “Does God exist?” Another question that arises, “How can I be sure of Gods existence? Also, “Does tangible evidence of God exist?” The answer to the first and last Question is a definite yes. The middle question, ‘How can I be sure,’ is what I will attempt to explain to you. Even the atheists will have to accept the undeniable and very tangible truth.

Uses of Quiet to the Christians

One of the surest means to attract stress is noise. Our world today is full of hurly burly. The Christians aren’t spared; they’re caught tight in the web of toil and turmoil of the moment. To enjoy a peaceful atmosphere will require that you create one!

What Works For the Christians?

Oftentimes, Christians attempt to go it alone. That’s when we feel the issue on hand doesn’t have much that deserves beyond our ability can offer. Just as often, we find our efforts faltering at the altar of self-dependence. The disciples-to-be towed a similar line.

The Religious Power of the Tongue

A lot has been said by Christians about the power of the tongue. Our concern in this piece is contributory. It’s to stress that Christians should consciously put their tongue into a positive use because the power of this little organ also works negatively.

Firming Up Your Christian Faith

Day by day, some Christians revert to examining one question crisscrossing their mind about their faith. Hear this: “I’ve accepted Jesus as my Savior. But then I slip and end up wondering if my faith is strong enough. If I’m really saved why doesn’t God talk to me like He talks to other people? In great numbers are Christians that walk around obsessed by doubts that won’t allow their peace and conviction to stick.

The Christians Also Prioritize

In the life of any human being – religious or otherwise – are things competing for attention. Sometimes, the competition can be chaotic and compelling. In a sense, it is an ever rolling chain. One great challenge from it then becomes thinking about how best to identify and do what ultimately matters that yields success.

How Christians Should Listen

When you ‘try to hear, or pay attention’ to someone speaking, or to what’s going on, you’re listening. I once heard it that, ‘God gave us two ears and one mouth because we need to listen twice as much as we talk.’ The urge here, for us Christians, is that we should be eager to listen, quite all right, but we must be prepared to hold back the willingness to speak too quickly.

The Christians Covenant With God

Time and again, we fall into the illusion that it is our wits that will take us out of the vanguard of vagueness to the pinnacle of light. So, the fallacy pushes us to collect books, tapes and materials of the like that we think will best teach us ways that will get us this or that. We get ‘weather beaten’ when the methods don’t seem capable of getting us where we want to be.

There Shall Be Many Who Shall Come in My Name and Shall Deceive You

Most of us may not remember reading these words in the bible that Jesus spoke when he was among us here on earth. Yet, these words may have been the most important words that Jesus spoke during his time among us? Was Jesus giving us a warning of what was to come? Letting us know that there will be many among us who will use his name in order to deceive us, to wrong us, and maybe even destroy us.

Five Simple Questions That Most Christians Should Be Able to Answer

One of the reasons why I could no longer remain in the Christian faith is because I couldn’t answer these questions, even after I did extensive research on each one of them. There is no right or wrong answers and you won’t be graded on your answers, simply read them and answer them to yourself.

Problems With the Bible and Scribes

There are plenty of practicing Christians that don’t want to admit that the Bible has any problems in it at all, but I’m here to tell you something a little bit different. Some of the written words in the Bible today are no more than hearsay from our past.

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