Martyred for Christ, Confronting a Sorcerer & more! Understanding the book of ACTS part 4

Are We Authentic? Like a Barcode, DNA, RNA and Bible Codes Reveal Our Creator Who Left His Signature

Summary: “I know I’m somebody because God doesn’t make junk.” Famed atheist Antony Flew, confronted with the complexity of DNA and the impossibility of its evolution, came to believe in God. Our existence is a gift. True religion is gratitude for life expressed to our parents and to God as shown by how we live. Do we give in return or are we mostly taking? Is there a bigger picture?

How To Pray When Words Do Not Seem To Be Enough

How To Pray When Your Native Tongue Is Not Enough – In a world where the moral fabric seems to be turning toward serving yourself over others, and evil seems to be taking over this world, sometimes it’s good to know just how to pray when the words we pray do not seem to be working or enough. I’ve been there and it can seem very lonely to be in this situation, however you know the Word of God – typically called the Bible says that we are to take heart for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!

God Brags, “Declaring the End From the Beginning”? Six Impending Events From the Book of Genesis

The Bible has a chiastic structure, like a chasm-we crawl into it on one side and up out of it with events in a mirror image of the way in. This article looks at how God “declares the end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10) from the book of beginnings-Genesis reversed. Six events are impending.

Born Anew: The Truth About Your Position in Christ and What It Means to Your Present Circumstances!

Our first birth, unless our parents were saved and knew their covenant with God, was NOT AN EQUAL BIRTH, we were under the slavery of genetic choices made without our control, both physical and mental. Sin, darkness is man’s master before the 2nd birth and all choices are strictly determined through genetics through generational choices from the past, and unless an intercessor like your parents or grandparents become the stop-gap against sin’s choices you are at the mercy of your family genetics.

The Battle of Addiction

Suffering from Addiction – Do you have a loved one who suffers from an addiction and you feel like you are right in the middle of the “Battle of Addiction”? Do you have that empty feeling inside as you watch your loved one slowly slipping further and further into the turmoil of dependency, wishing you could do more to make your loved one control their addiction.

Are You Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ? Part 1

Romans 1:16 states emphatically that a true Christian is NOT to be ashamed of the power of God revealed in our lives. But… really, how many of us actually live conscious of that fact? I’d bet good money that we don’t even think about the fact, that we live like we are ashamed every day, not willingly so much as selectively.

More Like Jesus

What was it that enabled Jesus to overcome every trial and testing? He was not immune to sufferings and struggles, yet there was never a situation in which He failed to achieve the victory.

What The Korean Dictator Never Knew

Yes there are many things that escape the notice of a dictator. Here’s a true story out of North Korea that it is highly unlikely he ever saw.

Roman Curia Fears Bishop Sharing Reform Ideas With Pope Francis

Pope Francis was elected to the Papacy in March of 2013. I like him and it seems everyone does. Unbeknown to the faithful at the time was a concern by many cardinals over the decline in donations to the church by American Catholics under Pope Benedict XVI and fallen away Catholics in general. In fact it’s jokingly said that the biggest religious denomination after Roman Catholics is fallen away Roman Catholics. So why is that and where are we now?

The Lord Told Me

When you say, The Lord Told me, what do you mean? If you don’t mean what the apostles meant, maybe it is better not to say it.

The Path to Heaven Is a Road Through Hell

People live through hell of their own making in order to fulfil requirements to secure a place in heaven. As neither exists they are tricked by powerful Big Men who use these so-called destinations for one’s soul as stepping stones for power and control.

Jet Lag and Sleeplessness

Jet lag is a way of life for me. None of the prescribed cures work.

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