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Understanding the Importance of Masonic Regalia and Their Symbols

The Freemasons can trace their roots to as far back as the 18th century with a long list of esteemed members that would do any organization proud. There is a certain level of respect given to anybody who is a part of this brotherhood, knowing the high standards followed in building their membership.

How Not To Witness

There is a time and place to talk to people about Christianity. It’s important to make sure the time and place are right, as well as the approach.

Virgins Or Maidens: Eliminating Absolutes Is an Anti-Christ Trend

It is impractical in modern times for one to expect a 22-year old girl to be a virgin. In the days that AIDS ravaged the world, piety, not holiness became the order. Humanity kept indiscipline at bay. The battle between personal freedom and holiness is simple, yet, challenging. Satan carefully exploits human failings to play our humanity against the wishes of God. Marital foundations set on selfish individual freedoms are shaky, and exhibits faithlessness, and God takes second place in the calculations.

Defending the Faith

Christians need to stand up for our faith and not be ashamed for what we believe, but how we go about doing that is critical. There is a difference between responding offensively to the challenges to our Faith, and defending our beliefs.

Real Faith Is Believing With Your Heart – But Start With Prayer

Faith is not a creation of the intellect, but of the human spirit. When you believe in your heart, your spirit acts upon the word and it is that kind of believing and faith that moves God.

The Rejection of Sound Doctrine: Giving the Congregation What They Want

The article discusses the refusal on behalf of the preacher to preach the pure gospel or the gospel of offense to his their congregation. The motive is to gain praise and honor from man instead of obtaining glory from God.

What Does Romans 7:14-25 Mean?

Romans 7:14-25 talks about the law of sin that is at work in us. Paul pointed out he often does what he hates to do, which are the bad things instead of doing what is good.

Can A Christian Eat Halal Food?

God creates all kinds of food on the earth. Halal food, just like other food, can be eaten by Christians as long as you offer thanksgiving in prayer before eating.

Inspirational Thoughts On What America Owes To Israel

I am a seeker of the truth as to why we were created and why are we here on this planet at this time? Many of the questions that I have often thought about and sometimes vocalized cannot be answered by any man on earth presently because they do not have any more information on this subject than I do.

Christian Ministry: Is A Life Of Ministry For You?

Are you interested in starting out your life in Christian ministry? Read the article to learn the beauty, hardship and wonder of Christian ministry.

Could Judgment Be Impending on Jerusalem? A View of History, Bible Prophecy and Current Events

From Abraham to now, the covenant was about a Promised Land that seems elusive, but the New Covenant Promise has a “latter day” context and here’s a look that suggests its timely application. We consider how the Exodus, Jewish prophecies and punishment for “seven times” come into focus, maybe for this Passover with a “blood moon?”

What Does John 2:24-25 in the Bible Mean?

We learn from John 2:24-25 that God is the one who choose people to do his work. Only those who are called by Jesus and chosen by him can do God’s work.

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