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What is Praying?

Everyone prays daily, but what exactly is praying? Within this article you will find it all out. This article has been written in a way that it is understandable for all to read. It will be more clear what exactly praying is about and how to make your prayer heard.

Why Does Lent Have 40 Days?

Lent has 40 days – ever wonder why? Lent is the 40 day long penitential period in the Catholic Church, immediately prior to the Paschal Feast (Easter) the greatest feast in the Church. The Eastern Catholic churches call this period Great Lent.

Why Christianity?

At the risk of opening up a giant-sized can of worms, I’d like to take a moment to share with you why I, personally, have chosen Christianity as my particular faith. I have to say upfront, that I detest the word “religion” when it comes to sharing my beliefs, because religion, in my eyes, is nothing but a set of ceremonies, traditions, rules and regulations that are forced upon those who practice whichever “religion” they choose. Therefore, I will share with you my faith, as opposed to my “religion”.

What is Legalism and Who is Legalistic? – Here is a Good Way to Recognize These Errors

Is legalism the Old Testament versus the New Testament, the flesh versus the spirit, or is it Christianity versus religion? There is a surprisingly simple way to understand what legalism is and what it is not.

Is There Such a Thing As a Moral Atheist?

Is it possible for an atheist to be moral? Perhaps we should first ask, “What is morality?” In popular culture, to suggest that there is a universal moral law may draw anything from raised eyebrows to outright hostility. At the same time, there is written on our hearts a law that demands justice when we have been harmed and paralyzes us with feelings of guilt and shame when we are the perpetrator.

Missionary Training Center – MTC Mormon Art and LDS Artwork

Artwork has always played an important part in the MTC as missionaries line their walls with pictures and other art to remind them of why they are there. Before there was an MTC their was a mission home and a language training center. Missionaries used to take ceiling tiles from above their bunks and would draw pictures, cartoon, write poetry and other types of drawing to express their feelings for being there.

God, Life, Death, and the Universe

This article gives my impression of the true God and how we humans relate to him. Unlike religions that base everything on belief in ancient texts, I base my ideas on historical observation, some very basic scientific research, and logic.

The Peace of God and the Feast of Purim

Want to have a deeper appreciation for the presence of God in your life? Then gain a deeper understanding of the history of the Feast of Purim and the Book of Esther, and join in the message of love and peace this precious holiday represents for all.

Recession – A Time For Self Re-Examination

When I first became a Christian, and started attending Church at age 13, I fell in love with singing a couple of the great hymns of faith. One day I got to a point where I pondered over a stanza and part of it says, “I’ll guide you…from earth to heaven.”

Composition of Dark

Generally we can distinguish the natural or artificial light & dark by our consciousness. It is a feel & see act of consciousness through our outer & inner sensitive organs. Light helps us to see physically exact colour, size & behaviour of surrounding substances. In the dark, substances are sustains as it is, but does not visible. Then what is the significance of dark?

Jerusalem and Islam in the End Time – Revelation 14

Mystery Babylon sits on seven hills. In ancient times Mystery Babylon was called “the city of seven hills” In Revelation 12, 13, and 17 scripture says that Satan and the Antichrist has seven heads. Scripture goes on to say in Revelation 17:9 that the seven mountains on which Mystery Babylon sits are the seven heads of Satan and the Antichrist. Thus the earthly Jerusalem, is Mystery Babylon, and is the capital of Satan and the Anti-Christ.

The Commandments (For Holy Week)

The Israelites represented the people of God, the whole human race. There are specials studies and interpretations that come with this. Moreover, as God’s followers, a golden rule summarizes into two: Love God and Love thy neighbor as thyself. “Do good to others as you want others to do to you.”

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