Mass Deliverance Like We Have Never Seen

Torah or Technology

The true issue isn’t texting or whether they are observing half or whole Shabbat as much has the underlying realization that these young people are products of the 21st century, a generation of children raised totally on and by technology, who not only value it but embrace it. Texting is no more of an addiction than reading used to be an addiction. It isn’t fair to expect from our young people to remain in a state of suspended animation, dangling out there, paralyzed with the inability to choose between the old and the new, Torah or technology.

Keeping a Marriage Together When Your Spouse Decides Against Religion

Oftentimes, marriages are based on a foundation of religion. True believers will follow the Bible’s teachings and only marry someone of like faith. This makes a harmonious core to the union as well as the family when children come along. Unfortunately, there are times when one spouse or the other becomes disillusioned with their religion. Whatever the reason, this decision can cause issues in even the strongest marriage.

Why Matthew 24 and Luke 21 Are Not About AD 70

We trust men a little too much. Good men, godly men. All of us miss it now and then. We all need to be discerning and careful as we read the Scriptures. Take for example, the Olivet discourse.

Tiptoeing Away From TULIP

John Calvin set the standard for reformed theology during the Christian Reformation. For a brief time, all reformed religious authorities agreed that Calvinism was indeed THE Bible-supported way to salvation. However, since then various Christian groups have been moving away from those precepts. Calvinism has one very valid position, and New Thought religions have another equally valid position. Kudos to the New Thought leaders for reinventing religion in a way that empowers the individual. However, there is something missing – a concept that John Calvin and traditional religions understand.

Still Standing

The storms of life blow from different directions. Just as the wind blows and we know not where it started or where it’s going, so do we experience storms in our business, at work, in school, in relationships even within ourselves as we struggle to maintain our principles against the norm of this world. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we win.

Ram’s Horn Shofar

The most popular horn used as a Shofar in European communities is the ram’s horn. The Talmud explains that a Shofar may be made out of the horn of any animal from the Bovidae family apart from a cow or calf.

New Birth in Jesus Christ – 1 Peter 1:3

Being born again is the beginning of the Christian life. It is mentioned in three different books of the Bible written by three different authors. It is described in the Word of God and dependent on the Word of God.

The Growth of Christianity

There are three main related factors that contributed to the growth and expansion of Christianity, and ultimately its success. These were a combination of political, social and economic factors. The rise of early Christianity has been the topic of much debate and historical analyses.

Thoughts on Prophetic Worship

Prophetic Worship is when you come to talk to God one on one and face to face when you’re at peace, and when your heart is at rest in His presence. God continues to raise up His singers, His worshipers, people who’ll sing for Him so He can impart what’s in his heart through the songs the worshipers sing. God uses singers and musicians to communicate to us.

Separation of Science and Religion

With the emergence of imperial political organisation, there took place large-scale growth in trade, commerce, technology and industrial production. This is revealed through the history of ancient civilisations like those of India, China, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

In Pursuit of Fulfillment

Reaching a modicum of happiness or fulfillment isn’t predicated on god, religious rites and ritual. It’s about the individual being able to find his voice and give expression to his creative skills endowed by nature. It’s about the individual pursuing his own dreams. Fulfillment is a long process with no prescribed uniform formula but is dependent upon the individual to seek out his own personal fulfillment based upon his own unique soul print.

The Final 490: Hebrews, Take Note

How could Daniel say that everything wraps up in 490 years, and here we are 2,600 years after Daniel still going strong? This article gives some insights about that.

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