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How Are ‘You’ – A New Identity?

I presume you know ‘you’ are being re-defined with a new identity. There is a steady flow of books and articles whose goal is to help you to see your old ideas about yourself are out-dated cultural traditions inherited from family and society that need to be replaced by the findings of latest research. However impressive this may sound, here are some reasons why you should consider instead another very different way to gaining a new identity.

Compassion Is Our Passion

Humanity is the only species alive to have ever acted upon the innate gift of compassion we all possess within. No other species beside mankind either extinct or existing today has ever shown unquestionable concern for other species as well as our own. At the same time we are also incredibly brutal with how we hold back from showing compassion; in many cases, to the demise of another’s life. The following is a true story of compassion, one we should never have to experience, but it is because of mankind’s inhumanity that we are confronted with these circumstances daily in many parts of the world.

Full Text Preaching Sermons – Bible Study – The Four Columns of a Christian Life

As we all know, you can’t build a sound structure without first laying a good foundation upon which we can erect the main columns that will hold the weight of the rest of the building. Similarly, the three monotheistic faiths (Judaism, Muslim, and Christianity) all have main pillars that support the weight of the edification of their beliefs. The Jews have five pillars of faith[1], the Muslims have five[2], and Christians have five.

Human Creation: The Dust-And-Rib Scenario

Where did we, the modern human species, come from? Science has a very convincing case that we evolved via Darwinian natural selection from primate ancestors over the past eight or so million years. New Agers suggest we are the product from those same primate ancestors, only by artificial selection via genetic engineering on the part of ancient aliens. Then there’s God’s religious claptrap, one of various mythological creation tales to account for mankind, starting with Adam and Eve.

How Christians Can Receive Transfer Of Wealth

The bible is our guide to a prosperous life in every sense of the word but there are many Christians who is not experiencing what the bible say they can have; there is much lack in their lives and the most common reason is lack of knowledge. They do not know who they are in Christ Jesus therefore; they are unaware of what belongs to them.

Faith, Repentance and Prosperity

By faith we acknowledge truth, and we thereby repent of our sin. Having turned back to God, Heaven’s Gate of blessing and spiritual growth is opened to us. This is true prosperity. Repentance, through faith, leads to prosperity.

Finding and Building Upon Our Sense-Of-Self

Faith in God helps us develop our sense-of-self. Being in touch with our passions yet also being content with where we are right now are practical realities God blesses us with. What is required of us? To nurture intimacy with God, and these blessings will be added.

The Opposites of Privilege – To Feel Privileged Or Feel It’s Deserved

How can one word mean two opposite things? How can one thing so bad or so good become so good or so bad? The word “privilege” has connotations both bigoted and humble, of both complaint and praise, and of both cursing and blessing.

3 Ways of Receiving God’s Guidance

There are three ways God guides us in life: 1) by the passions and purposes in our hearts; 2) by what is written in the Word of God; and, 3) by what trusted others speak into our lives through their encouragement. These three are our pillars of cloud by day and our pillars of fire by night.

From Frazzled to Fruitful

What do the stresses of life have in common with the deeds of the flesh? And what is the cure to being frazzled or stressed out?

Holy Spirit Led and Proved

The greatest privilege of living the Christian life is also the greatest responsibility – to be led by the Holy Spirit. This way we are proved as children of God. To enjoy the revelation of the supernatural merging with life, there is the necessary condition: obedience in seeking God. Acknowledging Jesus as the Lord and King over our lives is actualised only through the acknowledgement of the moment-by-moment leading, and converting that leading – the convictions of the Spirit – into obedience, of the Person of the Holy Spirit. The children of God prove their allegiance, and are justified, by their faith – to seek after, and only after, the Spirit of God.

A Double Portion

God asks us to give to the poor and needy, and yet many of us hesitate because our own finances may be tight. But God promises to give back far more… and here’s a story where He did give back–a double portion.

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