Maybe God Doesn’t Want You To Be You? Maybe You Is Flawed, Broken, Or Misguided.

Bible Facts

The Septuagint became the Old Testament in Jerome’s bible called the Vulgate. It has undergone some changes and additions as authors have worked on it over the centuries since it was first produced. Their aim was to hide the Spirit for the false gods put up by Constantine who is identified therein as 666.

Bible Controversies and Facts

The Spirit has a plan and it includes revealing the facts. They include the religious side of human nature and the truth about God and why we are here. It is stated that it will happen at the end of our days. It sounds way out but the discoveries of modern science and the trap that most religions now find themselves in is involved in it.

Wicca and Witchcraft Magick

Wicca & Witchcraft Wicca is a belief system and way of life based upon the reconstruction of pre-Christian traditions originating in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Witchcraft in ancient history was known as “The Craft of the Wise” because most who followed the path were in tune with the forces of nature, had a knowledge of Herbs and medicines, gave council and were valuable parts of the village and community as Shamanic healers and leaders. They understood that mankind is not superior to nature, the earth and its creatures but instead we are simply one of the many parts, both…

Repentance and Truth

Truth is actually, what Jesus described to multitudes, truth is light that shines out of darkness. A light that drives away the fabric of mans shadows. Truth declares in public what is said in the shadows of privacy. Truth comes from the opening up of deception that has blinded mankind from the knowledge of the Lord.

Top 7 Silly Astrology Myths You Could Do Without

There are various myths surrounding astrology, here is a collection of top seven myths and their answers. Astrology is an age old science and many people have faith in it while many do not believe it. Many myths have originated with time and this article throws light on all those myths.

Catholic Church Distances Itself From Emperor Constantine

Christianity did not exist before Emperor Claudius Constantine invented it and the Catholic Church has to distance itself from this fact. The faithful have put forth a substitute emperor in Flavius Constantine to this end.

Christianity and Emperor Constantine

No Christians were ever murdered in the Colosseum and it is doubtful that any were ever martyred in Rome. The religion established by Emperor Constantine uses stories to the contrary to distance itself from the facts that contradict its many claims.

Set Free From a Self-Sourced Hell

We are destined for a self-sourced hell if that be our will, because our will is in opposition to God’s. Without a stringent effort to strain forward – an ambitious focus on God alone – we have no hope. But in straining forward we are, at the same time, trusting God through our surrender: Grumbling, complaining, and blaming are no longer to be part of our agenda.

When Ambition Has Godly Substance

Ambition is generally frowned upon in the Christian context, because it implies selfish ambition. And, who of us can extricate ourselves from the web of self-deceit in going after a thing, a goal, a position, etc? But, when ambition has substance its substance has ambition in God.

When Schools Promote Immorality in the Name of New Age Teachings

The Christian news website reported the case of students in Yale University receiving a special teaching on bestiality, and incest sensitivity, in a weekend termed, sex weekend. The question that would quickly come to mind here is that what prompted the authority of the school to organize a seminar like this for the students knowing fully well that issues like these can further encourages students to want to explore more of sexual perversion which they are, instead of seeing them as evil.

You Sowed It!

Many times our human approaches to problems and difficulties have led to an increase, not a decrease, in the severity of the challenge. The more the Believer reverts to carnal responses, the more the problem magnifies itself. Many of these problems are brought on by ourselves.

Your Apparel Is Ideal to Spread the Holy Words

This article is aimed to highlight how Christian apparel and gifts can help to spread God’s words. It is not as simple as plucking the verses from the Bible, as it requires some selective care to ensure the messages are delivered effectively.

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