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The Truth Was Buried By a Wall of Deception When The Real God Escaped Notice

Questions are asked repeatedly about why God allows things to happen? The death of a child or a much loved person, wars that take the lives of thousands, drugs, addictions, and the list is long. Now there are answers as the wall collapses that hid the truth,

The Intelligent Great Creator Is Beyond Human Imagination

Man dreams and things created by him are products of those imaginations. That is why the truth was buried and the real God has escaped his notice.

Was Islam Spread by Sword?

This article shall discuss how Islam spread. It shall refute the common misconception that Islam was spread by sword.

JONES Versus GENESIS – Chapter 1: In the Beginning

The Bible tells us that God created the heavens and the earth ‘in the beginning.’ But when was that? Although Christians are divided over the question, a careful reading of the scriptures makes it clear that ‘the beginning’ was not an instant in time, but an extended period, possibly millions of years, during which a series of important events took place – from Jesus and Wisdom being with God (John 1:1-2, Proverbs 8:32-31), before the earth made, to man and later woman being created later after God created the earth – but still all ‘in the beginning.’

Object Lesson – Paper Airplane Christians

It is impossible to know where and in what form the first paper airplanes were folded and flown. There is evidence to suggest it was Ancient China, or Japan. Paper was certainly available and common. Da Vinci, the Wright brothers and many others are known to have used them to understand the mysteries of flight. In this youth Bible Study, Paper airplanes are used to remind us that we also do not have to be weighed down, but can fly to great heights in our relationship with God.

The Spirit of Creation Is the Real God and the Only One

For all the gods and forms of worship and devotion in the world we have arrived at a time when they will be exposed as myths. There is only the one real God and it is the Spirit of Creation and it fills all of space and is truly omnipotent.

New Testament Claims Exonerate Roman Death Squad Over Christ’s Crucifixion

Jesus Christ supposedly died at the hands of the Romans but was betrayed by the Jews. This was a clever manoeuvre by Constantine and his cohorts so they could adopt him as their Saviour.

The New Testament Was Written by Religious Fathers for the Roman Catholic Church

Without a unifying text the Roman Catholic Church would have floundered. By the end of the 4th CAD it was headed in that direction when publication of the New Testament saved it from that fate.

The Black Goo Encasing the World in Filth and Corruption

The world is full of corruption that is leading to its destruction. Only the Spirit of Creation can expose the truth that has been buried by religious forces born of Babylon.

New Testament Is a Roman Catholic Document Produced to Unify the Church

The world is full of corruption, deceit, and greed. People are drugged into accepting their lot by what the Roman Catholic Church and other organised religions are putting out there. The New Testament had blinded many to the facts and it hides the truth.

Jerome, Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church, Compiled the New Testament 4th CAD

The term ‘Christian’ was used by Plato during the 4th CBC as it applied to the followers of ‘Chrish-na’, the third person of the Vedic Trinity. It was convenient when Jerome had to find a text that fitted with the Son of God produced by Constantine during the Council of Nicaea whereby he established the Roman Catholic Church.

Did Jesus Say That He Is God?

This article shall discuss whether Jesus is God or not. It shall answer one of the major points of debate between Muslims and Christians through what Jesus said.

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