Mental Disorders and Demons

Healing in the Context of Forgiveness

The theme of today’s gospel is on forgiveness. For us, this embraces a very significant reality in most of the teachings of Jesus. It is the hallmark or essential feature of the Christian religion; a choice that brings healing of hearts. It is a gift, too, that liberates one from guilt for sins committed.

Give An Answer For What You Believe!

I was talking with a new acquaintance last week, and asked him if he was a Christian. He replied, “Yeah, I’m a Christian.” “So you’ve obeyed the gospel,” I responded with a second question. The look on his face revealed his genuine confusion. “Uh…I’ve accepted Jesus as my personal Savior – is that what you mean,” he asked with sincerity.

Fornicators Shall Not Inherit The Kingdom Of God

A bible study on fornicators. The bible teaches us that fornicators shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Defense of Identity

Current inflammatory rhetoric threatens the identity of Muslim Americans. Any individual who feels threats to his core identity tends to react in negative ways. Such unthinking attacks as the mass burning of Qurans are likely to create dangers both to Americans abroad and at home. In creating religious divisions, we assist the goal of Al Qaeda to divide Americans at home and to vilify us in the Middle East.

Praying With Faith

Praying with faith is not just about talking but listening as well. We are told to pray always and to pray in the Spirit. The place of prayer is where battles are fought and won.

How to Get the Best Out of The Bible

Reading the Bible is one way in which God communicates with us and we with Him. The Word (the Bible) is food and nourishment for us and just as we wouldn’t let our physical bodies go all day without food neither should we go all day without feeding our spiritual bodies. We should set aside some time each day to read God’s Word.

Sexual Sin

Fornication is one of the strongest sinful forces dragging many into places of unknown destinations. It has robbed people of their true joy, brought cursed upon many and produced many adamant children as well as numerous termination of unborn innocent babies ( abortion). It has cost people all their life and many even though knew it consequences have bent on it arms. Fornication is one of the dangerous sexual sins God hate. In the olden days fornication among the Israelites is leaving God to worship idols or putting your trust in something rather than God.

Liberalism Is A Dangerous Religion

I’ve heard it said that Liberalism – also known as Progressivism, and even as Socialism and Marxism – is a religion. This is an assertion at which liberals scoff. But what is a religion, really? If you look at the elements by which religion is popularly defined, the assertion that liberalism is a religion is pretty hard to refute.

There Is No Condemnation for Those in Christ Jesus – Romans 8 Verse 1

All of my Christian life, all my life as a Christian, I have been sinning. I have been full of shame, guilt and condemnation. As a male that had a problem with lust, I was always feeling guilty for sexual sin until some good teachers of the Word of God set me free and gave me a new lease on life. Read on…

Seven Spirits Burning by John Crowder – A Review of What Is Coming to the World

After many hours listening to sermons, and many years in church, sometimes it’s hard to become engaged in another sermon. But last night I sat transfixed for a couple of hours as John Crowder expounded revelatory knowledge of the Seven Spirits of God. John Crowder may be mocked by the religious set for his outrageous joy in the Lord and ecstasy, but when it comes to expounded Biblical truth John Crowder is a man that you can listen to for hours.

The Joy of Meeting and Conversing With Angels of God

For a long time in my Christian life I had not met an angel, and then after doing something for Jesus one day, Jesus asked me for a prayer request that He would grant. On that day I asked for the ability to have visions and have prophetic dreams. From that day on I could see angels in visions and have met Jesus many times and been to heaven a few times. It was a time before I spoke back and forth to angels as they were normally silent, but today after conversing with an angel I felt that I might write this article.

Clever Or Crazy Mutants – How Would You Know?

Just consider the extraordinary marvel of the human brain and personality, however the two are related. Apart from being an inveterate thinker, I need to show my hand: I have very little knowledge of the physiological make-up of the brain. From what little I do know (and if a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so be it) I believe that the brain is such an astronomically vast assembly of neural networks and synapses; the connections between neurons – plus a whole lot more, that there is no chance it could have ever developed by a process of Darwinian accidents, that we now generally call mutations. So, I shall develop this briefly, and in not too technical a manner.

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