Mental Illness or Demons?

God Has Established A Testimony In Jacob – To Establish Believers Today

Things happening in the world can be scary, some of these waters have never been charted before. But faith can sustain us in the greatest of dangers and the more serious of times.

Basic Yet Essential Introduction to God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit

Who Is God? How about His Son and His Holy Spirit? What are their attributes and the roles they play?

When You Stumble Over The Truth, What Action Will You Take?

Today “truth” to many people has become relevant to whatever they want to make it. BUT… truth is not relevant and you can’t change it. TRUTH IS TRUTH NO MATTER IF YOU BELIEVE IT TO BE THE TRUTH.

Don’t Crawl Around In “Dung” When Fresh Green Leaves Are Just Yards Away

Deer Cave, on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo, contains a floor of bat dung 100 meters long. This dung supports an entire ecosystem of cockroaches, centipedes, and crabs. The critters are born, live, breed, and die in the dung. They are completely unaware that nice green leaves grow on lush trees just outside the cave, a mere 100 meters away.

Emptying Of Self Is Not Easy But Is Required To Be Used Greatly By God

Every person in the Bible whom God used in a mighty way had to go through an “emptying of self.” God could then work through them using His Power. They also discovered that when God worked through them He gave them an anointing and supernatural power to accomplish what He desired.

Was Jesus A Megalomaniac?

This is an important subject. What we think of Jesus and his self-identity is the biggest single issue in today’s arena of thought. Oscar Wilde expressed a view, quoted in an interesting book by Rivkah Zim, that Jesus was a deluded mystic, whose creative imagination was the source of all his ideas. So, was Jesus merely a mystic Jewish peasant teacher, who conjured up fabulous visions of himself as the I AM, of his God, and of heaven and hell, or is he who he claimed to be? Are we able to distinguish between megalomania; a person with a vast deluded sense of self-importance and true deity?

The Authority of Scripture

To what do Christians everywhere refer when asked to define their Truths. Is it not the apostles’ docctrines, found in the Old and New testament Scriptures?

Divine Memory

The New Testament writings (Scriptures) came to us as a direct result of Jesus jogging the memory of the apostles. This was a miracle.

Feel Peace Amidst Life’s Storms!

Are you able to feel at peace even when life bombards you with hardship? If not, how can you achieve peace when life gets tough?

Resuming the Race

What I do not understand is how we start off sprinting for the Kingdom, but quickly revert to jogging. Why is it so easy to lose our excitement for the Faith?

Every Tiny Detail Will Be Fulfilled!

Here are some of Jesus’ words and a few comments of my own, to demonstrate Jesus’ attitude toward the Holy Scriptures. He wants His attitude to be our own.

Religious Massacres Will Become Worse

Religious massacres are common, even in 2015. God authorized Jews to massacre people, and Christians have also often chosen to do it. There is even war in heaven. Satan doubtless organized the crucifixion of Jesus as part of that war. Arguably the earth is a setup, specially designed as the spiritual battlefield for the universe. Humans, charged up with hormones and subject to arbitrary tests, have a part in the cosmic war. Jesus predicted even worse massacres near the world’s end.

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