Mentally Deranged Or Theologically Unsound??

Romans 2 Bible Study

We have no right to judge others for there is only one judge (James 4:12). Jesus Christ is the judge who will judge on during judgment day.

Romans 1 Bible Study

It is the will of God that we come to know Jesus Christ. We are able to receive this gift of eternal life because God chose and called us to become his disciples.

Romans Bible Study

The epistle of Romans talks about getting justified from our sins by having faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross so that our sins can be washed away and our relationship with God can be reconciled.

Helping Muslims Believe in Jesus Fully

Helping Muslims believe in Jesus fully is no small task. Actually, it is a miracle of God that draws men to believe in Christ. One way that I’ve found that makes it somewhat easier for a Muslim to trust in Christ is through inter-faith dialogue aimed at leading Muslims to the Bible…

Islam, Jesus’ Death and the Bible

Islam, Jesus’ death and the Bible… This almost sounds like a mathematical equation. For me, an avid practitioner of inter-faith dialogue with Arab Muslims, this equation is quite scientific…

The Mythical Corruption of the Bible

As one engaged in inter-faith dialogue with Arab Muslims, I’m often asked about the alleged corruption of the Bible. This myth is commonly upheld in Islam, despite the clear impossibility of such a thing. Actually, the Quran itself attests to the impossibility of any corruption of the Bible…

Romans 11 Bible Study

Because God had sent his son to die for our sins, there is no longer necessary to keep the Old Testament laws such as offering sin sacrifices and observing the feasts. However, this does not mean that you don’t have to obey the laws of God in the Old Testament. The Israelites could not obtain salvation because they are stubborn. Their stubbornness prevent them from seeing the truth when the gospel message is preached to them. God did not reject the Israelites completely. The Israelites rejected God. God was angry with their stubbornness and now offers the gift of eternal life to other nations around the world that put their faith in Christ. All Israelites will be saved once the full number of Gentiles have accepted Christ up to time of the rapture day, which is the second coming of Christ.

Romans 12 Bible Study

To offer yourself as a living sacrifice to God, you must use each part of your body to serve God and do his work so that his name can be glorified. The pattern of this world is the practices of the people of this world including traditions, trends, and etc. To avoid conforming to the pattern of the world, you must renew your mind with the word of God daily.

Romans 13 Bible Study

Christians must submit to the authorities because God established them. God set up the laws in the government so that those who do evil will be punished. Anyone who offends the law will be punished accordingly. Christians should pay taxes to the government because they are required by the law. Without the taxes, the government officials will have no income. If there is no income, no one will work for the government. The government officials are the servants of God who make sure others obey the law.

Romans 14 Bible Study

Christians should not pass judgment on others because only God is the judge. We should not judge others because they are God’s servants. Since they are God’s servant, we should let God deal with them. Christians must accept those weak in faith. They must do things that cause the Christian with weak faith to stumble.

Romans 15 Bible Study

Strong Christians must do things that build up the weak Christians instead of doing things that cause them to stumble. The scripture is used for teaching us the word of God. By knowing the word of God in the scripture, we can be encouraged. We should accept one another, just like Christ accepted all of us, regardless of our sins so that God’s name can be praised. When you trust in God, you will be filled with joy and peace. The Holy Spirit will fill you with hope and power when you put your trust in God.

Galatians 2 Bible Study

The keeping of the law is not necessary anymore because Jesus already bore the law of Moses on the cross for us. Christians don’t need to follow the animal and crop sacrifices offering in the Old Testament. There is no need to observe the special days in the law of Moses. According to the new covenant, anyone who faith in Christ can get saved. After accepting Christ, you must surrender your life to Jesus and start living your life for him.

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