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Miracle Healing and Christian Faith


Miracle Healing and Christian Faith

The Christian faith claims that Jesus is the Son of God. However, this view is based on error. In the New Testament, Christ says that his Father in heaven revealed that He is the Messiah. In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus says that the Father opens the eyes of his disciples when the time is right. Peter is the first disciple to discover who Jesus of Nazareth was from the Father. However, the gospel writers erroneously claim that Jesus cast out demons.

There are some critics who consider the abundance of miracles in the New Testament to be irrelevant and detract from Jesus’ religious insights. Others view them as the works of a magician and want to focus on Jesus’ teachings on unconditional love. Whatever the case may be, it’s difficult to argue against Jesus’ teachings on love and forgiveness.

Many people came to Jesus for healing. They had heard about a Galilean healer who could cure all kinds of illnesses. In those days, life was short and medical technology was primitive. Although there were some good doctors, their knowledge was limited. In such circumstances, a few days’ journey to a Galilean healer was enough to bring healing to the sick.

As Christians grow in their FAITH, they will receive more healings from God. However, Christians are not encouraged to judge one another on this issue. It is a matter of personal faith and understanding, and each Christian must draw the line.

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