Christian Forgiveness – It’s Not What You Think

There is a spiritual order to Christian forgiveness. If it is not followed, we fool ourselves and do more harm than good.

Anthropomorphism and Gender

Does God have a nose? Ears? With what does He hear prayer? And why is God a “He” anyway? What does Judaism say about it?

Sexual Immorality and the Christian

In the Bible, sexual immorality is the most common sin we are warned of. Various sins are listed in many places in the Bible, but sins of a sexual nature seem to dominate them. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed primarily because of sexual immorality.

It is Your Responsibility and Your Choice

Do yourself a favor and go into your bathroom and look into the mirror. Staring back at you will be the culprit responsible for everything that has happened in your life. That person is the one who has made every decision in your life and that person alone is responsible for all of the good things and all of the not so good things.

God Speaks Through Malachi

Malachi begins by sharing with us what Creator told him about Israel. Our Lord said He loved Jacob (Israel). What a wonderful assurance to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Quick Bible Translation Comparison

I’ve been around the Bible my whole life. If you’re like other Christians, you might be wondering what translation is the best, what one is most accurate and what one is right for you. These are all things I’ve wondered in the past and over the many years I’ve used many Bible translations, such as the NASB, NIV, KJV, NKJV, etc.

I Never Knew You

Is there anyone you wish that you could or could have known but you never actually had the opportunity to meet that person? Is it a person from the Bible like Moses? Or is it a person from History like George Washington? Or is it a living person who is very well known?

Visit a Welcoming Lutheran Church in Seattle

Looking for a great ELCA church in the Seattle area? I like to recommend Faith Lutheran Church off of Lake town Way and 82nd. I’ve been an affiliate there my whole life and my grandparents helped found the church, so I am admittedly a little biased, but we have great coffee, potlucks and heaps of fun Martin Luther trappings on display – so you know we are serious!

Burden of Sunday School

Nobody can organize, plan, or teach Sunday School well unless there is a burden for doing so in that individual’s heart. No Church can actually promote Sunday School unless that church is propelled by a burden, vision or challenges. So, the topic is simply looking at the vision, challenges, and needs that underlie the Sunday School.

Christians Need to Be Aware of Guilt and Fear

If you’ve ever read the Old Testament, you can get a really good idea about fear and the fear that this God created for his followers. When you read the New Testament and truly believe that Jesus is God, you get an entirely different picture of a compassionate, loving and understanding God.

Pastors Seriously Need to Quit Asking For Money and Promising Eternal Life

I don’t know how many times it says that you should give a certain amount of money in the Bible or how many times it has been twisted around to make people feel guilty enough to give to their church. If this is what religion is all about, stay at it and keep doing it, but if it’s not let’s start focusing on something else.

Desperately Seeking Some Religious Advice

I obviously didn’t learn everything that I needed to know in kindergarten, otherwise I wouldn’t have any more questions about religions or their beliefs. I’m hoping that someone out there can help me solve some of my problems about religions, all over the world.

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