Miracles in Dubai

The Scroll of Revelation, 22 – All Israel Shall Be Saved

When all is said and done, it is Israel, and only Israel, that shall know the Father’s favor. His heart was set on this people a long time ago. Mercifully, Gentiles have been called in, but they have become Israel, too, when it’s all over.

How to Humble Ourselves Under the Mighty Hand of God

Most of us think that if we would go to God with respect, fear and honor that is humbling ourselves before Him. Although these things are good to do but it is not humbling ourselves according to 1st Peter 5:6-7 which reads therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God that He may exalt you in due time casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you.

Advent And Its True Significance So Needs To Be Properly Understood If We Are To Be Truly Spiritual

The four Sundays preceding Christmas have been set aside by some to prepare for Christmas but really they were initially intended to remind disciples of Jesus Christ of the coming again of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Many people have totally forgotten this vitally significant aspect. One of the messages of Advent is that of comfort and one of the passages frequently read at the start of the Season of Advent comes from Isaiah Chapter 40 where Isaiah is told to comfort Israel, the chosen people of God.

Can I Prove the Existence of God

What is the greatest question of all questions upon the earth today, and has been the one question that has not had a definitive answer? Does God exist?

Begging For A Miracle: Stranger Than Fiction!

Miracle is usually the answer to a hopeless or seemingly hopeless situation. It is the last option in a critical and helpless situation. A good number of people today see their situations as hopeless, helpless and impossible. Others consider theirs irrecoverable, whereas some others are the moment contemplating how, where and when help or succor can come their way, given their present circumstances.

When The Lord Speaks

Discovering the power in the word of God is all that we need in this present day to overcome unfavourable situations. In the Bible, a certain Roman Officer came to Jesus to report the issue of his servant’s ill health. His servant was grievously tormented by palsy and the situation requires Jesus’ attention. Jesus promised that He’ll go and make him well, but the man refused. He felt so unworthy to receive Jesus in his house and so insisted that Jesus give out a word of command to free his servant.

Turning Away From God: A Demonic Doorway

The devil operates through deceptions, and manipulations. He is full of subtlety and deceit, and his intentions are to turn your laughter to sorrow, joy and happiness to sadness, freedom to bondage, fruitfulness to barrenness, etc. The devil is a wicked taskmaster and a father of lies. Like every other being, the devil seeks permission to come into his victims. He first and foremost comes like a friend to get your consent.

Christianity and Islam: Why Christians Believe That Jesus Is a Greater Prophet Than Muhammad

Jesus lived approximately 1,500 years after Moses and 540 years before Muhammad. Muhammad is the prophet most revered by Muslims throughout the world. Muslims believe and respect Jesus, while Christians believe that Jesus is the greatest prophet.

Do Not Let Christianity Disappear

The European Union, which is supposed to be fashioned after the United States of America, decided to write a history of Europe, but leaving the Catholic Church out altogether. That would seem like an impossibility, but we recall the words of Joseph Pulitzer, who at the time was publisher of the New York World. He wrote “If I don’t write about it, it never happened!”

Christmas Gifts for Your Sister Missionary

The LDS church has sister missionaries that serve missions for 18 months. They have many of the same responsibilities as the men, who are called elders. They are called to preach the gospel to the world and serve Heavenly Father’s children. Just like the elders, sister missionaries cannot call home (except for Christmas and Mother’s Day) and the only form of communication with home is through letter writing or email.

How Mormons Celebrate Christmas

Mormons are Christians. So when Christmas comes around, they join in with other Christians to celebrate the birth and life of Christ. It is a special time of year where they all gather with their families and loved ones. They eat lots of great food, sing Christmas songs and decorate their houses. Many of them join in the tradition of Santa Claus and spend Christmas morning opening up presents that have been left under the tree.

A Guide for an LDS Missionary’s Girlfriend

Many missionaries that go out on missionaries have girlfriends that stay at home waiting anxiously for their return. The length of an LDS mission is two years and that is a long time. When your missionary leaves for his mission it is important for his girlfriend to continue to learn and grow, because the missionary will be experiencing a lot of growth (emotionally, spiritually and intellectually) while serving his mission. Here is a guide of what you can do while your missionary is gone.

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