How To Walk By Faith Not By Sight: 3 Secrets

Have you ever been told to walk by faith not by sight? We have all heard this, but how do you do it? This article explains the 3 vital things you must do to succeed.

Confession Brings Procession

Our confession is very important because it will determine our procession. Oftentimes we might wonder why something bad has happen to us; it could very easily be our confession. What we speak can come back to haunt us.

The Touch of God’s Hand

Do you believe in God and his supreme power to positively affect your life? Can God reach down and touch you? Is God still present in our world and in our lives? Can your faith in God deliver you from the evil spirits that sometimes infiltrate our bodies? God’s hand is awaiting your call out to him for help in your life, your finances, and in your spiritual walk with him. Find out how God can reach down and touch your life.

Concise Lessons on Various Bible Study Topics

With Abraham’s covenant was the promise of Isaac and his being offered up to sacrifice. This showed God’s life-giving grace and power of resurrection. In the Law of Moses, the sinner is under God’s judgment, and receives the sentence of death. Together, these two show the two sides of the work of the redemption of Christ, why He must offer up Himself on the Cross, and be raised up by the power of God. It is this that provides the sinner the gift of salvation, which is accepted by repentance and faith. Thus, the Divine plan reached its goal.

His Grace Is Sufficient

Grace is a gift from God to us and since it is a gift, we cannot earn it or buy it. He has freely given it to us and it is made strong in our weakness.

Judaism 101 – Is Judaism A Religion? The Story Of Mount Sinai

Judaism 101 – Is Judaism A Religion? A definition on Judaism that focuses on relationship.

Where Does Burnout And Bitterness Come From? Part 1

One of the difficulties of resolving this deadly habit is that “enablers” often draw a sense of personal value and satisfaction from uncalled-for sacrifice. I have watched scores upon scores of men and woman continue in this habit for many years. The end result is always the same – burnout and bitterness.

Jesus Cut The Covenant For Us

Then He said to him, “I am the LORD, who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans, to give you this land to inherit it.” And he said, “Lord GOD, how shall I know that I will inherit it?… This is the account of the covenant that God cut with Abram. It is so rich with spiritual truths…

No Condemnation

It is just as wrong to neglect a life as it is to abort a life. The church must stop the rhetoric of condemning and start commending the lost to the only One who can help them find purpose in life.

How To Put Your Angels On Assignment

They are assigned to watch over us and protect us throughout our life. They are with us even when we don’t recognize them and they go to war for us to get our prayers answered.

What Is Wicca? Dispelling the Fear

Wicca is a spiritual practice which believes everything in nature is connected by energy – some think of that energy as God or various Gods and Goddesses, others as a universal force similar to the force in Star Wars. Whatever you call it, it is created by and connects every living thing on the Earth and the Earth itself. That force is within us all so we are all part of it (I’ll refer to it in the rest of this article as God for convenience) and we all have God within us.

Jewish Holidays and Corresponding Gift Ideas

So you’ve been invited to your Jewish friends for a meal on one of his/her festivals. What should you bring?

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