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The Traditions of Christianity

Christianity is the world’s largest religion with over 2.2 billion followers. There are many different practices related to christianity from praying, to attending church, to donating to charity. Some of these can be done by a person at home while others are more difficult to do and need to be done with others.

Deliverance – Casting out Demons – Healing The Sick – Miracle Healing

Christianity focuses on Jesus as the Lord. Often Christians will focus on this reference to a historical figure and try to bring it together with their other beliefs and traditions.

In some cases, this focus can be a hindrance to the development of one’s spiritual life. If one takes a “channel-hopping” approach to their devotional time, it can be easy to neglect the Bible and miss out on much of what Christ has to say to us.

In addition to a focus on Jesus, a second element of the faith tradition is a plan for salvation or redemption. In Christianity, people are seen as creatures who have distanced themselves from God and need to be brought back to their source in him. This is a central part of the redemptive work of Jesus and is a primary reason for the Christian community’s commitment to him.

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