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The True Sign of Christianity: Miracle Healing


The True Sign of Christianity: Miracle Healing

Among the world’s religions, Christianity is the largest, with 2.38 billion followers. It’s based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth, and it’s a monotheistic, Abrahamic faith. Its adherents largely come from the Global South. It also features a number of unique apostolic gifts, including the prophet and the evangelist.

The Bible mentions the miraculous in several places, including 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, 2 Timothy 4:20 and James 5:13-16. But it wasn’t until the fourth century that the church began to see miraculous healings in their own right.

In fact, the apostolic Church was known for divine healing, both during the ministry of the original Apostles and afterward. The Twelve Apostles performed miracles, but only in the form of casting out demons. In addition, the Apostle Paul frequently healed people, and did some extraordinary miracles at Ephesus.

While the apostles never did anything like walking on water or feeding the 5000, they did perform a number of other miracles. One of these was the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

The apostolic Church also prayed for the sick and provided spiritual means for dealing with their ailments. For instance, the Twelve Apostles anointed the sick with oil as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. They were given the authority to heal with this symbol, but the miracles associated with this rite were less impressive than the miracles associated with other sacraments.

The true sign of the Church of God is the miracle of divine healing. During the era of the apostles, the church grew from five to thirty million members. It added half a million new converts every generation for three centuries.

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