MUST WATCH: a woman with a spinal cord injury is INSTANTLY HEALED.

WOW Moment

My sister’s son worked hard to earn two university degrees. Like many graduates today, het then first taught in the east for a few years to earn some money.

Work Diligently

I’m one of those guys that normally don’t think everything through. As a result, I’ve often succeeded in adding insult to injury.

Do Not Forget Your Talents

The talents we have were not just dropped randomly so that a few fell on some people and the rest on the ground. Every person is specifically blessed with a talent or a number of talents and God did that.

Begin at the Beginning

Timothy’s calling was to proclaim the Gospel of God. He had to go to a world that has not yet heard Jesus’ message of salvation.

Spotless Campers

We covered our calling in a verse or two. We heard that each of us has a calling and that we shouldn’t find excuses not to live that calling.

Ordinary Faith

All Christians are called to show the world with their words in whom they believe. And similarly, their way of doing must also be in line with God’s will.

All in Love

Each of us has a calling. We should not make excuses.

Take the Lead

We’re focusing on our calling. Two pieces back the simple instruction was: Go!

And Your Excuse Is?

I write so that I can understand the scripture. That’s why I’m honest, sometimes brutally honest.

Go Now!

At university I served on the committee that organised missionary week. Every night during this specific week there was a big event with an international speaker.

Keep on Practising

We’re sitting in the caravan on the banks of the river at Swellendam. My only purpose this long weekend is to rest.

Positional Standing

If the Scripture is correct and we are seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus, why do we act so “earthly?” If we are truly raised with Christ, why are we so easily beset with the problems of life?

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