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Where Are Heaven and Hell Located or Do They Even Exist?

Is it hard to imagine heaven and hell as weapons but they are strings that pull people into mindsets that they might otherwise not have. The manipulation engaged in can induce some to perform outrageous deeds for their leaders.

Why Is Father God Unresponsive to Prayers and Requests?

Everyone at some time in their life will try to contact Father God and will seek help or answers to prayers. Very few ever get them answered because ‘he’ does not exist.

Six Important Points of the Rapture of the Church

What is the rapture? How will it take place? Why is it necessary? Who will be raptured? When will the rapture take place? How you can be ready for the rapture at any time. Do you have to be saved?

Contemporary Sermon Outlines

There is more than one way to outline a sermon. In this article, three ways of outlining a sermon are presented.

Bible Explains Why God Hides and Prayers Go Unanswered

Idols, icons, prayers, and festivals are an abomination to God and yet they are the things people cling to when asking for help. The Spirit is within and has no outward display and to reach beyond the things of this world is necessary to enjoy communication with it.

A False Prophecy of Joseph Smith Revealed

A question that was frequently asked throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, and is as frequently asked today by people who really want an answer is, “Was Joseph Smith a true prophet of God?” In the Holy Bible, in Deuteronomy 18:20-22, the fate of a false prophet is clearly defined by the Prophet Moses through the inspiration of Jehovah. It clearly says that, if a man says he’s a prophet and proclaims in the name of God that something was going to happen, and it didn’t come to pass, the man, who was clearly not a prophet, would be put to death. Well, let’s put a prophecy of Joseph Smith to the test, and let’s be perfectly clear about the stipulations of the test. If a prophecy was given by, for instance, by Isaiah in several parts, and if several of those parts didn’t come to pass, to make the entire prophecy true, then Isaiah was just guessing in the name of the Lord. But Isaiah never made a false prophecy about anything, especially about the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Was Joseph Smith really a prophet? Read on and see.

Tradition Is a Mindset That Overturns Spirituality

Most people love traditions that encourage communion with others and fun on a grand scale. Behind the festivities lies a form of death that robs them of their spirituality if they are so connected in the first place.

Revelation 1:2 Our Decision and Our Environment

The subject of the Apocalypse is now given in more detail. When John saw the visions, the experience was none other than his witness of the Revelation from Jesus Christ about God’s plan and purpose for all time. John was imprisoned on the Island of Patmos, which was isolated and sparsely populated. You know how we all try to find that quiet time to study His Word, well, John got that on this island. It was definitely not part of society if the Roman Empire considered it a prison. The Apostle John, was put out of circulation for a reason, but what was that reason?

Suffering In This Present Evil Age

I don’t think any of us can fully understand how our suffering "is working for us a far more exceeding weight of glory." However, we can find comfort knowing that the suffering of this age is not all there is. We can encourage one another to look ahead with hope to that day when we meet our Savior face to face. At that point in time not only will Chrst Jesus experience the joy of receiving all that He purchased with His blood but…

Whatever Else You Miss, Don’t Miss The Cross!

The Cross; one of the most recognised symbols in the world and people miss it! I don’t mean they don’t see it; I mean they miss the meaning! Many see only a religious symbol, whereas the message of the cross; not just the symbol, but a clear grasp of Jesus’ death is life – eternal life! How astonishing – still the most powerful message and people miss it. That’s why this title is urging you not to miss the cross, but to take a fresh look.

How You Can Find Assistance From A Christian Counselor

One question that plagues the minds of people who look forward to Christian counseling is that of the type of help they can get from a counselor of their choice. People often visit a counselor without really understanding how they will be able to benefit from the advice provided. In such cases people are advised to conduct some research to understand how they can find the help that will be suitable for their requirements.

Bible Highlights Christmas As the Birth of the Sun and Explains Why Disasters Follow

Even before the festivities start people are facing one crisis after another. Cyclones, unseasonal weather events, loss of property, and so forth heralds the start of worse to come.

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