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The Fire Is Coming!

As we have been commissioned to re-dig the wells of our spiritual fathers in 2014, one of the most powerful results has been to discover the burning fire of God that consumed them. Our fore-fathers burned with an intensity that could not be quenched. Their fire could not be put out by delay, discouragement, division, or disaster. As I researched the lives of Martin Luther, Charles Finney, John G. Lake, Frank Bartlemen, William Seymour, and many others I found that each of them had a passion and fire for their God that ignited revival where ever they went. They could not be ignored, dismissed, or marginalized.

Christian Roots in Islam

Islam dominates the world thanks to the work of Constantine. He is 666 in Revelation 13:13-18 and the inventor of Jesus Christ and it was he who established the Catholic Church in 325AD.

The Woven Web of Religious Deceit and Distorted Facts

Religions hide the Spirit, the only God. The spiritual have been captured by the lies that state otherwise and by the cover up that has buried the truth.

The First and Last Solution – Home Churches!

The original Christian churches were home churches. Persecution in the future may lead to more home churches, as is already happening in China. Arguably all Christians are members of a “royal priesthood” and could therefore be qualified to lead out in church services if chosen by members. Or home churches could link up with their preferred denomination and share a clergyman with one or two other home churches.The huge money saved through not having church buildings could be used, in harmony with Christ’s repeated admonitions, to help the poor and needy and would be a very effective evangelistic outreach.

Feral Humans

A couple of years ago I read an article where the writer referred to the UK soccer rioters as “feral humans”. I’m familiar with the term “feral”. It is usually used in reference to cats.

I Shall Not Die (1)

A child of God is not supposed to die anyhow. When you walk in the knowledge of a functional covenant with God nothing is permitted to take away your life prematurely. Nothing! Be it disease, demonic power, evil, hardship, or whatever. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is permitted to terminate your life before fully fulfilling God’s program. Everybody has an assignment(s) that brought them into the world. God cannot just waste His time and resources making a wonderful creature like you.

Christianity Is the Religion of Babylon Recycled But With the Same Gods and Symbols

The Spirit is the only God and it alone makes things that are good or bad, Isaiah 45:4-8. But man has created his own gods and has formulated his own rules and now the world is in trouble and people are suffering the consequences.

Dumb Thinking Behind Those Who Claim They Speak for God

One cannot speak for God unless appointed by the Spirit to do so. From my reincarnation until now the learning has been constant and thorough and nothing has come from man’s perception of the divine.

Road Block To Missional Living

Jesus has commanded us to be on mission with him but we find many Christians not being obedient. Why? What’s a major roadblocks that many Christians come up against that hinder them from living an effective missional life and how does one remove it so they can move forward? You might be surprised in what it is?

Dependable Power Grid

In the 21st century, most of us have come to depend on electricity. An unreliable power grid can mess up our day!

Masonic Regalia As Symbols of Masonic Pride

The demand for Masonic regalia continues as members of the Freemasons also continue to build stronger bonds for their brotherhood and their beliefs. Mason regalia could be considered as symbols of pride for members of the prestigious organization, with each member wearing a variety of Masonic regalia no matter where they are, regardless of the event or occasion. The pride by which they display their affiliation to the brotherhood through their Masonic regalia is made even more evident as they make it part of their personal style or fashion statement, and for very good reasons.

Congress Gives Obama Free Rein For Martial Law Subjugation Seen As Us “Speaks Like A Dragon” Rev 13

Early Americans believed the first beast of Revelation 13 was the Old World Order that they fled. Some saw the second “lamb-like” beast (symbol of Christ, a Christian nation) as America. But a change occurs in which it causes fire to come down from heaven (Hiroshima) and it speaks like a dragon (legislatively oppressive), causing the world to make an image (look-alike) to the previous Old World Order. New World Order is impending, based on this Bible prophecy from 1900+ years ago.

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