The State Establishes Religion Through Public Schools

One of the protections to American liberty and prosperity our founding fathers set in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution is the establishment clause. Today, many people who misunderstand the purpose and intent of the establishment clause unfortunately define it in a way which is exactly the opposite of its original intent.

Parables From A Birdwatcher (1)

From about age 8 I have been watching birds. It is a boyish pleasure, but at age 65, the boy in me will not relent. I have recently taken up the binoculars again. Here are some things I have discovered to be true of birding and the Kingdom of God…

What Many Politicians Have in Common With Drug Dealers

Most people believe that we have a moral responsibility to rid our society of drug dealers, a profession that gets wealthy off of ruining other people’s lives. Yet, it is a very difficult endeavor to get rid of drug dealers because there is a great market for illegal drugs.

On Evolution, Intelligent Design and the Mathematics of Human Existence

There are some who insist that Man and all living things were the result of intelligent design. Others reject such claims, arguing that evolution alone is more than sufficient to explain the various species. The two sides to the debate may, however, be far closer to being in agreement with each other than either side realizes.

The Coming of Peace and Security

World leaders are proclaiming “peace and security” with an ever-increasing intensity. Might this be a sign that Bible prophecy is about to be fulfilled when leaders proclaim, “peace and security?” This article answers that question.

The End Of Days: Cancelled Due To Unforseen Circumstances

The End of Days should have happened a long, long time ago, 80 generations ago in fact – if it were to happen at all. They didn’t end, though many hope, pray and predict they still will. I say they won’t. Why? Nearly all the players have exited stage left – and right. So, it’s not the end of days that’s coming, rather the twilight of the gods that have come, with just a mere handful around now. We call them the ‘Greys’.

The Gospel and Gandhi

Gandhi, the great liberator of India, once said, “If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today! Many well meaning Christians have since seized upon those words and have attempted, at times, to make the rest of us feel guilty about the many deficiencies in our Christian living. And you know what? There’s some truth in the things that they say about our lifestyles.

Some of the Richest People I Know Don’t Have Any Money

Since I have the privilege of teaching Bible internationally, my friendship circles are as big as the globe. I have been incredibly enriched by getting to know so many people from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures. I have been exposed to them in their churches and their homes and have been the recipient of their amazing hospitality.

Modern Manhood in Paganism

After years of being the high priest of a Wiccan church I began to notice something about modern Paganism. Most of the men in my congregation knew nothing about pagan men’s mysteries. They had studied and read most of the books on the market about Wicca and Paganism and knew about the triple aspect of The Goddess of Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Different Types of Bibles – This Is What You Need To Know

What are the different types of Bibles? Well… this is a loaded question! There are many different translations of the Scriptures. There are actually thousands of different translations of the Scriptures, and some people think that some of the translations of the Scriptures are not even inspired by God.

Days Of Futility, Years Of Fear

The ways in which we are led are not always explainable. When you are going through a dry spell, is this the chastisement of the Lord? Is this His training ground? Is it avoidable? Not always sure…

Is There Time to Recover the American Dream?

In Ronald Reagan’s address to the nation July 27, 1981 he said “This is not the time for political fun and games. This is the time for a new beginning.” He was at the time, speaking about the heavy burden of taxes laid upon American families, so we can only imagine what he might say today about both taxes and time.

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