Mystery About Angels

All Right

Everyone is in need of a sure and strong guidelines for living. There is a great danger for us to be swept by the rising tides of wickedness. Having this guidelines may provide some needed help.

Biblical Believers

We may find it hard to identify ourselves with biblical heroes like Abraham, Solomon, Paul and others who exhibited characteristics worth of emulation. Good news! These characteristics are not exclusively for them, it could be ours also.

Tell God About It

God is more willing to listen to you than you are more ready to talk to Him. There is virtually nothing that you can’t discuss with Him, the only limitation is in our mind. Sometimes we feel that God is too busy with so many things that He won’t time to listen to us but that’s not true.

Alas! The Day Is Near!

Joel seems to be talking about his own day and the future judgment, all at the same time. Indeed, the message is a little confusing at times, but well worth the time to figure out…

A Bad World – No Surprise!

Many people used to think that education would stamp out evil and advance the world to become a far better place. There used to be a strong belief that evil and ignorance went hand in hand, as signs of social deprivation. The popular idea was that an enlightened education would banish evil and corruption. But do we see this happening, or has it slowed down; or just what in the world is going on?

The Attack on the Bible

The biggest threat to the Church is the assault against the Bible. What is so tragic is confessed Believers are challenging the Word Itself.

Pope Francis and Peace

The Pope speaks about peace at the United Nations. Two anniversaries are celebrated on the date of his speech: The Augsburg treaty in 1555 and the U.N.’s 70th year of existence.

Locusts As a Scourge of God

The incredible locust has been used of God to judge nations. Prophecy says that something like this will happen again.

Baptist Pastor’s Job Description

Twelve key skill task areas make up this Baptist pastor’s job description. This is ideal for consideration for a pastor’s role as sole or senior pastor.

Pastoral Care – Presenting Everyone Mature In Christ

There is incredibly great value in living the spiritual life. When we order our private world, we stand to gain the prize of life that God is ever calling us to. The pastoral care function is primary and basic in delivering persons to the deeper experience of the spiritual life. I see that pastoral care and discipleship are interwoven processes aiming toward the end of maturation, where we may all be presented perfect in Christ.

Pastoral Care – The Urgency of Spiritual Direction For Everyone

What everybody needs is a structure for learning and growth: the impetus of a program for spiritual direction. Mentoring is one such way to formalise the spiritual direction process.

Pastoral Care – More Than Just Help for the Hurting

Pastoral care is more than simply help for the hurting. It is much more a holistic way of applying the discipleship process.

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