Nasa hires PRIESTS to prepare us for alien encounters!?

Why Was God’s Power Hidden and How Does One Access It?

The spiritual power was hidden until the children of God came to realise that it is theirs for the taking. Now it is pouring out over them, even when they have never heard of it.

Bible Prophecies Show That God Is Making the Crooked Places Straight

The crooked places are inhabited by those who are seeking the truth but are blocked from finding it. Isaiah Chapter 45 explains more.

The Wind Promised at the End Will Blow Down the Wall of the Daughter of Zion

The wind generated by the truth is a supernatural power that cannot be halted. It is promised for the end to blow away the wall that has stood between God and the spiritual people of Israel.

Threatened Into A Loving Relationship?

If you and I heard of a Father purposefully instilling heart racing terror into his children in an effort to win their affection, we would think something was very wrong with him. If we heard of a Father using threats of eternally torturing his children if they didn’t make the free will choice to love him for who he is, we would not understand how they could ever love him at all. But what about when it comes to our view of God?

Atheism’s Achilles – Is Itself!

Atheism’s popularity is in inverse proportion to its credibility. That sweeping statement requires me to explain my basis for saying so beyond mere annoyance or petulance. Atheism is a philosophical belief system whose underlying assumptions require prior beliefs that atheism is making true, or near true statements, about ultimate reality. These statements are offered as applying, not just a long way into a virtual reality, but to the utterly final reality, beyond which it is impossible to go. And as such, the beliefs are reckoned to lead to the proposition that atheism is true. Is this reasoned thinking, or has it gone beyond reason?

Be Prepared for the Mormon Missionaries

When you get a knock at your door, and you find two nicely dressed young men, or young women, telling you that they represent Jesus Christ and his Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons), beware that the gospel that they are peddling from door-to-door is another gospel than the one Jesus taught, and about which the Apostle Paul wrote in Galatians 1:6-8. The great similarity between the Mormon gospel and the “other” gospel mentioned by Paul in Galatians is that the Mormon gospel was preached to a man named Joseph Smith by an angel from heaven. The Mormon missionaries at your door will probably not tell you, but they believe that only Mormons are going to heaven to live with God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ for eternity. They believe that they have, and own, the patented process for doing this. But you will really be surprised to learn who the Father god is that they worship. Read on for a delineation of Mormon theology.

Is There Really Only One God?

This article deals with what could be a controversial issue. It asks the question as to whether or not there is only one God.

Bible Passages Identifies The Daughter of Zion As One Having Hoofs of Brass and Horns of Iron

As we approach the end of the Day of the Lord certain things are happening to bring it about. As promised the truth will be known and the false prophets of religion will be done away with.

What Is the Name of Father God?

Names are identifiers and essential when deciding on who we are speaking to. To address prayers to Father God who has no name and never answers anyway is a trick by religions to get members involved.

You Are Not the Pedagogue, the Holy Spirit Is!

Some church leaders are reluctant to embrace the teaching of grace because it means they have to trust the Holy Spirit to do His work in God’s people. Some, apparently, think they can do the job better than He can!

What Is a Prophet and Who Are Selected As Such?

Many have been declared to be prophets over the years and they are speaking from their minds rather than for the Spirit. The real prophets are nurtured by God with special knowledge and they can change the world because the power is with them.

The Wall of the Daughter of Zion Explained in Bible Verses

The woman who will play a major role in undoing the lies of religion has been hidden until now. Patriarchal leaders have feared the day when she will act to undo the lies they put in place between God and the spiritual children.

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