NASA Hires Theologians To Help Tell Humans That Alien Life Exists! Should Christians Worry?

Jerusalem – Center of the World

Why is Jerusalem God’s Holy City? When will Christ return to rule the city at the center of the world? Why is Jerusalem sacred to God? How will God triumph in the end to control his city? Is there a long history of control over Jerusalem by different Kingdoms? When will Israel control the Holy City? All these questioned are answered in this article Jerusalem – Center of the World

The Positive Impact You Can Have on Your Grandchildren

It is vital for us to recognize that we are role models for our offspring and every action will influence them in either a positive or negative manner. Certainly, I was indelibly marked by the lives of my grandmothers as a child and as an adult – in the backwoods of Mississippi. A brief account is recorded here.

Unbelief: More Dangerous Than Skating On Thin Ice!

From a distance, I watched a boy in Holland walk right across a wide river on the ice. The weather was very cold and the ice probably thick, but when you are not used to this, it can appear alarming. I had heard too many stories of children falling through thin lake ice. But many people are doing the same when it comes to their beliefs. Hey, what’s the point of threats about danger, that’s no way to get people to change their beliefs! I agree, it’s not the best, but sometimes it is necessary to share deep concerns.

The Wall of the Daughter of Zion Is Being Destroyed

Following my reincarnation and knowledge about the truth of God the leading and research has taken me to the beginning to understand where religions came from. It was part of the plan of God to transform those who are called the House of Israel into a perfect state.

Is Everyone Who Ever Lived Reincarnated As We Near the End – Is This the Judgement

Wickedness is rife throughout the world as we come ever closer to the end. Few can deny that the planet is in dire straits and that there has to be an explanation for the massive overpopulation and disturbing events.

The Stumbling Block Before God’s People

Crucifixion of god-men existed for centuries before Constantine organised his religion based on an image he invented. The idea was that they died on crosses to rise with the sun to marry it and fertilise the earth. Today we can see the folly behind the thinking but many still adhere to the principle behind it.

Best-Selling Author (Christ) Clues Us for Survival- “Understand [the Book of] Daniel” Matthew 24:15

The first six chapters of Daniel have life and death situations. Daniel was spared because he chose to honor God. Christ urged our understanding of his book.

Weed and Feed

If Satan can get the things of the world into the Believers’ minds, it will not be long before he can anticipate your thinking patterns. Every Believer needs to apply daily “weed and feed” to keep his thoughts positive instead of negative.

New Testament Is a Conspiracy Against Truth and Old Testament Prophecies

The New Testament is a compilation of stories and myths that were floating around the Roman Empire. It has no bearing on the reality of God or of the spiritual people called Israel.

What Is the Meaning of Christmas?

Christmas is a worldwide celebration where Christmas tree is used mainly for decoration. It has lost its religious meaning in today’s generation. Christmas is now just another festivity that everyone celebrate.

Religions Unjustly Discriminate Against Women

Knowledge is definitely required to understand the role of religions in the pain inflicted on people. None is more obvious than that of discrimination against women and the murder of female children.

Anthropology Is All About The Human Being

People have advanced many ideas, theories and opinions about what we are about, what makes us tick and what we are here for. The Bible teaches in fact a healthy and balanced view in all this. It debunks the myths and holds out practical ideals for us to live by.

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