New Age Warlock Exposes Secrets From Inside Witchcraft That Christians Must Be Aware Of

Ketubahs, the Koran and Corinthians – 3 Great Ideas For Interfaith Weddings

When I first started living with my now husband, my protestant parents started calling him their “sin-in-law”, and his Jewish parents made me a T-shirt proclaiming, “I’m the Shiksa”. We thought they’d be relieved and thrilled when we announced three years later that we were going to get married. “He’s making an honest woman out of me, mom!” I told my mother on the phone.

How to Choose the Ideal Church Supplies Provider?

With a wide range of suppliers for church stationery available in the market, choosing the right one needs to be done after sufficient amount of study and home work. The quality of the church supplies is one major concern while choosing the supplier. Suppliers who offer a wide variety of choices are the best among the many as they would have multiple products for each purpose and occasion.

The World Was Created Only a Few Thousand Years Ago

I chose this most controversial statement to open this article with because it addresses the heart of the matter. It is amazing the level of emotions this simple phrase evokes in society and among individuals. Who is right- the earth creationist or the evolutionist?

Forgiving in an Unforgiving World

As Christians, we are called by God to forgive as He forgave us. What a difficult, but important task this is! We know it feels good when someone forgives us for something we have said or done. I know it makes me feel wonderful when someone that I have hurt by my words or actions forgives me and in turn I try to forgive, from the bottom of my heart, when someone has hurt me.

Noodles Are Noodles and God Has Forgiven Us

If you walk down the pasta aisle in your local supermarket, you are faced with many choices. There’s rigatoni, linguine, lasagna, penne, fettuccine, spaghetti, angel hair, pasta fusilli, thin spaghetti, and the list goes on and on. You can choose what your pasta is made from such as rice, whole grains, or even vegetables. The options are endless but when you boil it down (pun intended!), they are all still noodles.

On the Origins of Islam and the Kabbalah

Muhammad’s encounter with the archangel Gabriel may not have been an isolated incident. Recent research into the secret world of Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah) uncovers signs that around the time of Muhammad the early mystics had similar-type encounters with the prophet Elijah in nearby Babylonia.

Universal and Free

How committed is God to healing His people in this generation? Is it any different than in the first generation of believers?

Learn to Read the Bible Effectively – What Are the Two Most Important Commandments in the Bible?

Two of the most important teachings in the Bible are that we should love God and love one another. Much of the Bible is written in order to instruct us how to do this.

Encouragement to the Scattered Remnant – Covenanter Truths Will Once Again Light the Whole Earth

The day will surely come when Covenanter truths will light the whole earth, but the present situation is like a dark night before the dawn. The old truths are slowly reappearing, yet the sun has not yet arisen; it is there in all its glory, just off the horizon, and (we think) about to burst forth, but yet darkness enshrouds the land.

Deliverance Ministry – Does it Have to Be a Circus?

Deliverance ministry, where it is practiced or allowed at all, is often seen as a chaotic, loud and violent process. Does it have to be that way? This article examines this issue and makes the case for a different way.

Is There Hope For Victims Of These Diseases?

Victims of venereal diseases often suffer from dejection, hopelessness, stereotypical maltreatment, and sometimes, even hatred. Some even suffer from self condemnation. One funny thing is, diseases like the HIV/AIDS may have been acquired in another way asides sex, but the usual stereotype still holds. Are we to condemn them? What hope do they have in such a situation?

Arkansas Churches

Churches should be teaching about faith and God’s grace. Whether the church is a denominational church or a non denominational it’s focus should be the grace of God. All churches should preach acceptance and welcome people from all walks of life.

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