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Miracle Healing and Evangelism


Miracle Healing and Evangelism

Is a Christian’s belief in heaven real? Or is it just a myth? The vast majority of humanity, and most professing Christians, have been blinded by Satan’s lies. Most churchgoers don’t study the Bible. They follow the traditions and teachings of men, rather than the words of God. Many of us have seen tent meetings of various “evangelists” – a place of mass hysteria and no genuine healing.

Evangelicals and charismatic Christians, on the other hand, are more focused on evangelism and conversion, persevering in the faith of those already saved. Such Christians understand that they are engaged in an epic end-times battle with demonic forces. While Satan is real and has control over entire nations, satanic powers are trying to subvert evangelization and undermine the work of Jesus. If this is what Christianity is all about, we’d better get in line.

Today’s charismatic Christianity is an example of the power of spiritual warfare. In this case, prayer is a weapon of spiritual warfare, an essential part of Christian life. It’s central to the redemptive praxis of Christianity. But it’s also the weapon of choice for evangelism. If we’re evangelizing a nation, we must not be content to accept the “other” worldview.

Evangelicals who claim to be Christians should worship Jesus for his healing power. Jesus’ ability to heal people is demonstrated in public acts. A leper who came to Jesus with a twisted leg was a prime example of worshipping a man with power. The leper’s posture, the word “Lord” and humility are indicative of his worship. However, a leper who is a Christian may have a different perspective.

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