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Miracle Healing in Christianity

Christianity is the world’s largest religion with more than two and a half billion followers. This religion grew out of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Christians believe that God has created a divine plan for human beings. Throughout the Bible, God promises salvation through faith. Christ’s resurrection from the grave offers assurance of the afterlife.

The Bible gives many examples of miracles and signs and wonders. It’s true that God heals people. The Bible also gives instructions for how to do so. However, healing is not the norm in Christian faith. The Church has developed spiritual means for dealing with sickness.

The Holy Spirit is the agent of spiritual renewal and restoration. A person experiences the infilling of the Holy Spirit at salvation. This frees a believer from the power of sin and pollution of the soul.

The apostolic Church prayed for people to be healed. The apostles had extraordinary faith. Some of them left their jobs to follow Jesus. The early church had gifts like speaking in tongues. The Bible says that not everyone who believes in the Lord has the gift of tongues.

The Bible has instructions on how to exorcise demons. However, there is no biblical example of an actual exorcism. The Bible does mention a “second blessing” in the form of sanctification, but that blessing is not an actual healing.

The New Testament teaches that the prayer of faith can forgive sins. The Bible also states that a sick person can be healed by the faith of a priest.

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