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Matchmaking in Indian Hindu Families

India, the land of different culture, tradition and rituals still holds certain practices and believes close to her heart. One among them is the matchmaking ceremony before the marriage. India, known for the values that she holds from the past to the present.

Starting Or Joining a Bible Study Group

People have a need to feel that closeness to God, their family, their friends, and even where they live. For some of those that seek out these feelings happen to find them by attending church. Even attending church will still leave them hungering for more.

A Nazi Finds Forgiveness in a Jewish Home

What happens when a Nazi finds himself face to face with the love of God? Richard Wurmbrand’s story is transforming, and one of the oldest and simplest prayers you will learn can be one of the most powerful. Find grace and love like no other in this amazing miracle of a story.

The Third Sunday of Easter

The celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead at Easter continues as we journey toward Pentecost on March 23rd on this Third Sunday of Easter. Many children, young people and adults have been baptized as new believers and confirmed as members in Christ’s church during these past two weeks. Those who are already disciples and believers are being re-commissioned in the mission work of the church.

5 W Questions For the Story of Abraham’s Sacrifice From Genesis 22

Need some good review questions for the Bible story of Abraham’s sacrifice? Then check out these twelve 5 “W” questions to help your kids get excited about God’s Word.

5 W Questions For the Stories of Abraham’s Journey to a New Land and God’s Promise to Abraham

Need some good review questions for the Bible story of Abraham’s sacrifice? Then check out these twelve 5 “W” questions to get your kids excited about the Bible.

5 W Questions For the Story of “Abraham’s Visitors” From Genesis 18

Need some good review questions for the Bible story of Abraham’s visitors? Then check out these ten 5 “W” questions to get your kids excited about God’s Word.

We Are of More Value Than Sparrows – Good News

Paul, the Holy Ghost-inspired apostle, had spent time in Romans 8:14 -17 to establish that the believers and receivers of Christ who are led by the Spirit of God are “the sons” or “children of God” and a result are of more value than many sparrows (birds). This goes a long way to show that God’s care and attention for and to the Sparrows (birds of the air) are not to be compared to what we have in Him.

He Wills it More Than We Desire It – Good News

The Lord is our creator and Father. He knows all that we NEED or should have. He knows more than we do. From the time of His creating us and planting us here, He knew all that we must need at any point in time. He knew that we would need peace, comfort, good health (and healing if attacked by any way), fruitfulness and prosperity in every area, companionship, etc. and He went ahead to include all that and other needs of ours in His will for us, even before we came to need them, showing that HE WILLS IT MORE THAN WE DESIRE IT.

Fraud and the Future of Society – Any Way Out?

I have been struck many times that it is because of the term ‘FRAUD’ which is not easily or correctly defined to the larger society that makes it be responsible for the decay of our societies these days. Most cultures and all sane religions preach the commandments…

The Ambition of the Non-Crucified

People develop ambition for so many things, and at times are ruined, ruled or built up by the ambitions they have. It has once happened to me, but I was so lucky not to be trapped there. I got liberated as I discovered the problem with inordinate ambition. To have ambition over things is not altogether evil. People develop strong feelings over a lot of things.

The Truth of God’s Word and the Traditions of Men

It is restated that an individual or a congregation is dead or alive, heaven-bound or hell-bound, depending on what that individual or congregation does with the word of God. Stressing the importance of holding to the truth of God’s word, Jesus flayed the Scribes and Pharisees for annulling the word of God through their traditions.

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