Not Everything is a Demon

Lessons From My Neighbor’s Bird-Feeder

My neighbor does all the work. I get all the benefits. It’s not fair, really…

How Was the World Created – God Or Big Bang?

Genesis, the first book of the Bible, presents the story of our world’s beginning. An interesting explanation of our origins and evolution is thus proposed in conflict to what modern science claims.

Eve, God and Evolving Consciousness

How would western culture have evolved differently if the foundational feminine archetype, Eve, had been described as the heroic, curious and courageous woman who started the human journey of spiritual beings? Kabbalah offers exactly this interpretation of the Garden of Eden story for those willing to delve below the surface.

Why Not Believe in God?

Some people choose to believe in God without resorting to rational arguments or in exchange of benefits. Perhaps they gained the conviction that there is a God after having experienced miraculous events such as escaping a car accident or getting well after being diagnosed with an incurable disease. Others might have ended up acknowledging God after witnessing phenomena that their scientifically trained minds could not explain.

Arguments to God’s Existence

A major question that has troubled numerous persons and raised controversy is the one related to God’s existence. Does God exist or is he just a fabrication? Individuals ranging from ordinary people to reputed scholars have tried to find the answer and to offer arguments either in favor or against it. The article will present some of the most invoked reasons to sustain God’s existence.

I Am a Preacher!

As we have said before, I now say again: if anyone preaches to you a gospel contrary to what you received, a curse be on him! (Colossians 1:9) I am a preacher, yet being a preacher does not give me the right to bring nonsense to the pulpit, in fact that would not be a thing of a preacher. I am not a comedian and although I believe that rigid preaching is not what the Lord has called us to, that a light humorous comment keeps the audience awake, especially those which usually needs the preaching the most; I…

How to Choose Boys Communion Suits Ideas

How to choose the correct type of boys communion suits for the perfect communion day. This article discusses how importing it is to dress your son correctly for their communion day. Information is given about what styles certain age groups should wear combined with color information and information about other cultures.

A Beautiful Item – Wooden Celtic Crosses

Being able to fill a home with beauty is a wonderful thing to do. However, a person will want to realize that one of the most beautiful items to put inside of a home is going to be wooden Celtic crosses. When a person realizes just how much beauty wooden Celtic crosses can add to a home they will see just how much value they can add to a home.

Elderly People, an Untapped Resource in Most Churches

As they age, many older people feel that they have outgrown their usefulness in the church. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Their strength may be failing them, but they have something that many younger church members lack—extra time.

Struggling With the Cross, 2

Can a Christian be an enemy of the cross of Christ? What an awful possibility…

Evolution, Creation and Adam and Eve, Part 1

The debate over Evolution vs. Creation presents a false dichotomy based on erroneous premises. The Catholic Church presents a sane middle ground in the debate.

Christian Blogs Give Insight Into Challenging Circumstances

Developing into the strong believer that God desires for your life will involve some challenging circumstances and situations which will create maturity and growth. This concept is shared on a pastor’s blog for free and will assist you in learning how to pay the price needed for spiritual growth. Christian blog posts and articles provide information on spiritual growth that will assist you in maturing in Christ more quickly.

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