Not Impressed Because You Cast Out Demons Or Prophesy

Why God Is Also Satan

There is no heaven or hell as these things are carried over from the myths of ancient beliefs in celestial forces and the sun-god. By undoing the lies promoted as religion and the brainwashing that causes belief in the ridiculous the truth can at last be heard.

Faith-Filled Words

What does faith do? Faith is a positive response to what God has already done by grace. Faith reaches out or appropriates what God has already provided by grace. Faith does not make God heal you, God has already healed you (see 1Pet 2:24), faith doesn’t make God to bless you, God has already blessed you (see Ephesians 1:3). Faith is what brings to reality that which God has made available by grace.

The Philosophy Of The Soul

Everyone is supposed to have a soul according to the beliefs within some religions. The question is what is it and how was it ever discovered?

Hindu Gods Provide A Link With All Ancient Gods

It’s been just over three decades since I have walked this earth, and I am already fed up of the arguments over the validity and supremacy of different pantheons and Gods. I sometimes wonder how, as a collective, we could possibly have fought and continue to fight over this singular question for millennia!

Shattered Lives!

Did you ever feel shattered? You are not alone! But feeling shattered is a sad and deeply traumatic experience that countless people have had to deal with. Some, of course, a lot more deeply than others, from failed exams, to failed relationships, to physical or psychological abuse, to serious traffic accidents, to lost jobs, to failed health and bereavement of loved ones and ruined hopes that have left you devastated, and for some a tragic sense of a wasted life, and others a deep sense of guilt – Oh, we could go on! There are so many things that might cause this feeling of being overwhelmed and broken. Here, I want to see whether there might be a realistic way forward; a way of recreating and building hope out of hopelessness.

What Does “The Pit” Mean in the Bible?

Isn’t a “pit” just a hole in the ground? Is there a greater significance to the word in the Bible?

The Sun Is The Chief God Of Religious Worship

The simple primitive minds of our ancestors imagined the sun as a god because it was seen as the giver of all that life depends on. Its power is daunting when not understood and in a short time it can appear to bring about famine, disease, and death. It’s little wonder then that the ancients would do all they could to please it and they worshiped its many forms of power, such as light, fire, heat, and the things brought about by its moods.

Images Inside The Kaaba

Iconic images inside the Kaaba at Mecca speak volumes about the origin of religions. People are denied access to see for themselves just what it is they worship.

Emergency Prayers

911 prayers are not meant for an easy way out, but a request for help in facing trials. These types of prayer are for assistance in our struggles.

The Job of God Laid Out In Detail

Religion is the false house where prisoners are denied escape for those who are seeking to know the truth. The evidence collected is enough to set them free if they have ears and eyes open enough to receive it.

The Invented Apostles Of The Catholic Church

Christianity grew out of the religion established by Constantine. His motivation was power and control after he achieved sole rule over the Roman Empire.

The Listening Church

COMMUNICATION is at the heart of everything. Whether on earth or in heaven, or whether by light or by darkness, in good times as well as bad, communication is the precipice of existence, the pinnacle of meaning, and the principle of life. And if communication is the heart of everything, the soul of that heart is listening.

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